10 Easiest Ways to Farm Primogems in Genshin Impact


The primogems are Genshin Impact most important currency. They are the ones that power the game’s gacha system. For 160 primogems, players get one wish. Every 1600 they get a ten-roller. Unfortunately, it’s the hardest currency to mine in the game. Unlike Mora, Hoyoverse doesn’t give out these precious gems like candy.

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Primogems are usually only rewarded in small amounts. However, it’s not impossible to start saving them for the next character or weapon banner without purchasing the Welkin Moon package. Luckily, there are several surefire ways for players to stock up on Primogems.

ten Redeeming codes rewards a substantial amount of Primogems

One of the easiest ways to accumulate primogems in the game is to redeem codes. Typically, these are given out at live stream events, usually giving out two or three redemption codes during each update live stream. However, players must act quickly, as they only last for a short time before expiring.

Luckily, there are two codes that still remain active. “GENSHINGIFT” rewards 50 primogems and players can redeem it once a month. “BSPD3ZRXU985” rewards 60 Primogems and can only be used once per player.

9 Story Quests and Hangout Events are a great way to immerse yourself in the game’s story while earning Primogems

Although time-consuming, story quests and encounter events are a fun way to learn about the game’s story while earning primogems. Almost all 5-star characters have a story quest, and they usually reward a substantial amount of gems as well as character building materials like Hero’s Wit. Typically, story quests reward 60 Primogems.

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Hangouts are for 4-star characters only. Each has a unique premise, but players can take on different stories and earn primogems for completing all of the other endings. In total, players can earn 30 gems from Hangout events.

8 Some World Quests reward Primogems

Completing World Quests often rewards players with Primogems. The amount varies from quest to quest, but generally ranges from 20 to 60 gems. The harder it is, the more generous Hoyoverse is with its rewards.

Not all quests reward Primogems, but most of those that do can be found in Liyue and Inazuma. One of the most common complaints about the game is that it’s a painstaking process to mine these gems for players who don’t want to waste money on the game. Hopefully more quests rewarding the primogems will come out when Sumeru is finally released.

seven The Spiral Abyss rewards Primogems for completing each floor

One of the easiest ways to generate primogems is to complete the floors of the Spiral Abyss. Granted, players will need at least 8 well-built characters for two teams, but this method is the fastest way to get the gems in a short time.

Players receive 100 primogems when stages 1-8 are completed with three stars. When floors 9-12 are completed with three stars, players receive 50 gems. Additionally, on the unique Star’s Bounty, players can receive 2,400 gems for completing stages 1-8.

6 Completing 5-Star Character Trials will reward 20 Primogems

Every time a new banner is released, there will be a trial event for each of the 5-star characters featured. After trying out the character, players will receive 20 Primogems. They’re also rewarded with a few materials to help build the character if they choose to shoot for them – if they have enough Mercy Points.

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Even though they grant a small number of gems, these trials are one of the fastest ways to acquire more currency. These trials only take a minute or two to complete, and then players don’t care until the next 5-star banner.

5 Event quests usually reward a decent amount of primogems

There’s almost always an event or two going on at some point in the game. Whether it’s a simple login event or a series of quests that reveal more about the story and characters, these events usually reward many primogems.

On average, each event will net a player 420 gems. While that might seem like a small amount, after completing four events players will have enough gems for a roll of ten with 80 remaining to spare. Events are one of the best ways for players to earn primogems while immersing themselves in the game. by Genshin the more intriguing lore is only learned through these event quests.

4 Completing achievements and checking off tasks in the Adventurer’s Handbook rewards Primogems over time

While it might not be the fastest way to generate primogems, completing in-game achievements is one way to earn them over time. Some achievements only reward a measly five gems upon completion, but others give 20. If all 640 are completed, players will generate 5,150 gems over time.

A similar way to acquire primogems is by checking off tasks in the Adventurer’s Handbook. These tasks not only give primogems, but also sets of artifacts and other useful in-game resources. For each completed chapter, 50 gems are rewarded – in addition to the gems given for completing the tasks.

3 Players can earn Primogems by opening chests and unlocking teleport waypoints

Depending on the type of chests unlocked when players explore the world of Genshin, they can receive anywhere from 2 to 40 Primogems. Even though finding all of these chests can take time, there is an incentive. Once players reach 100% exploration progress in a specific nation, they receive primogems for that achievement.

Teleport waypoints only reward five primogems for each unlocked. Even though it’s a small amount, many players prioritize these waypoints as soon as new regions become available. Currently there are 160 waypoints across Teyvat. As players unlock each one, they can earn 800 Primogems over time.

2 Hoyo-Lab daily check-ins reward 60 Primogems per month

One of the easiest ways to supplement a player’s monthly primogem income is by using Hoyo-Lab’s daily records. Not only do they reward character building materials and Mora, but they give out 60 Primogems per month. At the end of each check-in week, players can earn 20 Primogems.

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While that might not sound like a lot, it’s a pretty easy way to generate more gems alongside other in-game methods like completing quests or achievements. Plus, it’s a convenient way to get gems if a player can’t log in. Genshin Daily.

1 Daily commissions reward 60 Primogems

Daily Commissions are one of the easiest ways to get primogems Genshin Impact. They usually only take 10 or 15 minutes per day from a player and then they can disconnect afterwards. If commissions in a region are starting to look monotonous, a player can transfer them to one of the other locations currently available in the game.

There are four daily commissions to complete; then, a reward is given for visiting Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild. Commissions reward ten gems and the Guild awards an additional twenty.

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