2021 Inclusive Excellence Laureates | @theU


Dr Kimberly J. Terry

Her, her, hers
Drug Information Specialist, Pharmacy Services

Dr. Kimberly J. Terry is an example of leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion. As the leader of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group for Pharmacy Services, Dr. Terry ensures that screening and interviewing practices are impartial and inclusive, making the process annual fair and equitable residency recruitment for all applicants. Additionally, she leads Implicit Bias Awareness and Action Training for Pharmacy Services, which aims to help pharmacy residents and preceptors understand the source of personal bias and break down individual positionality. Dr. Terry successfully creates an inclusive environment where participants can discuss sensitive issues and reflect on their own implicit biases.

In the community, Dr. Terry has served at the Inclusion Center for Community and Justice as an advisor, director and board member. In January 2021, she was elected chair of the board. Through this role, Dr Terry helps the community overcome hatred and exclusionary practices to create more inclusive communities and organizes community activities that build respect, concern, empathy and understanding.

“Dr. Terry has spent years volunteering with the Inclusion Center for Community and Justice to create a more inclusive community. She has developed a program that helps pharmacy staff recognize what are implicit biases and how they affect positionality. She helped me become a better, kinder and more inclusive person. Thanks to what she taught me, I was able to chat with colleagues, friends and of my family members of implicit biases and positionality, and helps those around her advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of their lives.


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