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How long have you wanted to enjoy your games on a bigger screen where you will see enlarged images to give you a real feel? It would make perfect sense to use your Linux, Mac, or Windows computer as a virtual gaming tool, as the controllers for those games can run on desktop PC operating systems.

All the devices that we detail will allow you to stream your favorite games from your Computer monitor to your TV in different resolutions. Whether playing video slots on your top list of sites or stream Doom Eternal to your 4k TV, these devices can handle everything from browser-based games to AAA behemoths, for as long as your PC can!

Now a problem normally arises here, and that is the problem of installing your PC in your office, while your TV is placed on the wall in your living room. You realize that it doesn’t make sense to use a really long HDMI cable to connect the two devices.

Now what would be the best way to enjoy games using both devices? The correct answer here would be to stream the games from the PC to your TV, wherever it is located. To achieve this, you can use the 5 methods explained below.

  1. Wireless HDMI Miracast and Streaming

Many wireless HDMI systems that would work on desktop operating systems are readily available. They are designed to transmit video and audio signals from one device to another. So, it would be very easy to use them to enjoy games on all devices. The first set of these devices was designed to work with systems such as Intel’s WiDi and AMD Wireless Display. But there are now newer versions. For example, the standard Miracast wireless connection supports Windows and helps you to stream videos and audio files on your PC to your TV through the compatible dongle. The majority of smart TV manufacturers today include Miracast support on their gadgets. If this is the case with your new TV, you will no longer need to opt for a Miracat dongle. However, $ 100 can get you a good dongle.

  1. Steam link

Steam Link was previously in hardware form. But recently, it was converted to a service that works with Android tablets and smartphones. It also works on Samsung smart TVs and some Raspberry Pi.

You can use the Steam link to stream all the games available in the Steam library, which will give you the opportunity to design your own games console on the internet. If you have a PC with Steam installed that enables home streaming, you can enjoy game streaming with it. To do this, go to Steam> Settings and make sure that the streaming device, computer, and TV are working on the same network.

  1. Create your own Steam link with a Raspberry Pi

If you can’t afford the first few options, but have access to a Raspberry Pi 2 or newer versions, you can use that to design what a Steam can do for you. Valve outfitted the Raspberry Pi with custom Steam Link software. So, it is easy to use it to stream PC games to TV. Even when you don’t want to be forced to use the Raspberry Pi alone for streaming, you can have Parsec software for game streaming as well. With this you can stream games to your TV from PC through Raspberry Pi. Now it doesn’t matter which installation method you used to get the game or the digital download available. Once you’ve connected the Raspberry Pi to your TV, you can stream the games to your living room. Now, while the Steam Lite Box will be more expensive than the Raspberry Pi 3, setting up the Raspberry Pi 3 can give you a lot of headache.

  1. Nvidia Gamestream

With the Nvidia Gamestream, you’ll get something similar to what the Steam link will give you. With this Nvidia Shield TV device, you can stream media from the internet to your TV. All you need to do is have the device, then a remote and game controller at your fingertips. Make sure the remote and game controllers are equipped with microphones in order to achieve voice control. Because a mic is needed, it can cost more than Steam Link. To get the Nvidia graphics card, you might need to spend up to $ 100.

If you have a laptop or PC that is running on the same network as the Nvidia GTX series GPU, games can easily be streamed from your PC to the TV through the Nvidia Shield TV. But if you have a sub-par gaming platform, you can stream the games from the cloud through the Nvidia Shield TV. Currently, to stream games to your TV through the Nvidia Shield TV box, you need to pay up to $ 7.99 per month on the GeForce NOW plan.

  1. Chromecast and Apple TV

If after reading all the options mentioned above you still need an alternative because you are using a device like the Google Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV, some options may be available.

However, it would be good to let you know that you might not get the most out of it. Using Google Chromecast to stream games to your TV on your PC through your Google Chrome browser is an option. But this gives a very bad result. This comes with a very large lag, which defeats the purpose and makes games less fun.

For Apple TV, many people have tried to hack for streaming. But when they are successful, they get a very bad result. There is also no evidence that you can stream games from your PC to your TV through Xbox One. But, you can play on your Xbox One and Windows PC at the same time through the Xbox Play feature with just one purchase. So while people are watching TV shows on your TV, you can enjoy the games on your PC, and then start paying for them again on Xbox One when they go.

While these methods may cost you money, they will certainly give you better service and convenience than a long HDMI cable running through your living room.

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