8 things redditors want to see in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


June was a big month for major video game reveals and announcements, and the Final Fantasy VII birthday used its brief runtime to pack it with some exciting announcements. Most important, of course, is the second part of the Remake series titled Final Fantasy VII Revival.

Much speculation has arisen on Reddit about what and how much will change from the original story, but many are still optimistic about possible new additions and what they hope to see from the game. major ones include the trilogy format large enough for the story and new playable characters.


8 Rebirth & The Finale must be big enough for the rest of the story

The official logo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

While the Remake seeks to take new narrative directions, the heart of the story will still have to adapt to the trilogy format that Square Enix has opted for. The original PlayStation game was spread across three discs, but it’s unclear how any potential changes will dictate how much story remains.

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Redditor TemurTron said, “I wonder how they’re going to complete the full story in just two more games, both are going to have to be HUGE.” It wasn’t too long ago that it was unclear how many entries Square Enix would settle on, and if they would opt for more but smaller entries to speed up development. But with a trilogy now established, fans are hoping Renaissance and the closer trilogy will be quite substantial.

seven Accelerate the pace of the global story

Zack carrying Cloud as he overlooks the ominous outer wall of Midgar.

The original game was acclaimed for having one of the best stories in the game. Final Fantasy series, and fans are surely hoping that Remake the series will adapt to its history. At the same time, some fans are excited about Renaissance get to the heart of this story.

Redditor AndSpaceY was pleased with the confirmation of the trilogy, saying “I’m glad they’ve finally plotted out the number of parts for this remake and it won’t be multiple installments”, and that “it means that they’re really going to pick up the pace in the story.” There was some admitted trepidation about how Zack would be used, but the prospect of finally getting to the heart of this overarching story is exciting for many fans.

6 Zack Fair having a bigger presence

An injured Zack carrying an unfit Cloud to Midgar in the FFVII Rebirth trailer.

Some fans are still unsure what to make of Zack Fair’s potential role in Renaissance and beyond, but since he’s a beloved protagonist in one of the best Final Fantasy fallout, others are excited about the possibilities. Redditor TlMB0 was pleased with the focus on him in the trailer, stating “Great Zack presence in the trailer. Today was a big win for us Zack fans, boys.”

In the original game, Zack’s role was minimal as he died before the events of the game and was limited to revealing flashback sequences for Cloud, with his full backstory not fleshed out until crisis core. It’s certainly a creative risk to eventually bring it back into the fold, but the argument can be made that the rewards could be great.

5 Learn to play as Sephiroth

Cloud with Sephiroth behind him in what may be the North Crater.

Since the original Final Fantasy VII Launched on PS1 in 1997, Sephiroth easily established himself as one of the most iconic villains in gaming, let alone the franchise. His character design and longsword Masamune are instantly recognizable, and fans like Redditor crystalpink7 are hoping “Sephiroth will be playable.”

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It might be a long shot, but given the footage shown in the trailer and the Nibelheim flashback to the original, maybe Square Enix will include him as a temporary playable character. Either way, it would be exciting to play the role of Sephiroth in a reasonably contained capacity for a tasteful dose of fanservice.

4 Delve deeper into the lore behind the Nibelheim clones

Sephiroth standing in front of the fires alluding to the Nibelheim incident.

There is still much discussion and debate about how much and where Final Fantasy VII Revival will change the original story. However, outright changes aside, these games can afford to focus on certain parts of this world’s lore.

Editor jmgrice likes the idea that “they’re going to dig deeper into the bit of Nibelheim clones”, adding that they think “it was too thin in the original”. Since the flashback of the Nibelheim incident and the revelations behind the stories of Cloud, Sephiroth and Zack will occur at some point in Renaissanceit’s a welcome narrative element to expand the world-building with.

3 Use Unreal Engine 5 on the PS5

Image of an Unreal Engine 5 showcase in a canyon landscape.

Unfortunately, it’s still difficult for gamers around the world to get their hands on a PS5 due to shortages, however, hopefully by that time. Renaissance launches these consoles will be more readily available. Technologically speaking, this is for the best so that the upcoming game can take full advantage of the latest generation of console hardware.

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Redditor Malicious_In_Tents expressed excitement over the prospect, saying that “since it’s a PS5 exclusive, they could use Unreal 5.” There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the latest iteration of Epic Games’ in-house game engine, as it’s set to be a major evolution in how ambitious modern games and hardware can get.

2 Learn to Play as Zack

Cover of Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII Zack

Even outside of the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Revival trailer, Zack got a welcome share of the spotlight during the anniversary stream. A surprise remaster of the original crisis core – subtitle Meeting – has been confirmed much to the delight of fans, and some are hoping it means bigger things for Zack’s appearance in Renaissance.

Redditor crystalpink7 was also hoping that Zack would be a playable character as it seems his death in the original isn’t so final anymore. The next remaster should be a big one Final Fantasy game for franchise newbies, which would make when he joined the main cast party in Renaissance all the more appropriate.

1 Correct gameplay with Red XIII

A portrait of Red XIII

Final Fantasy VII Remake focused on a core group of playable party members: Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. Yuffie and others were introduced to the Intermission DLC, but fans are already hoping this list will grow Renaissanceis the main game. Redditor Shinramyun777 simply reacted to the trailer by saying “Red XIII gameplay footage please.”

Red XIII was an additional technical band member in Remakeis the main game when Cloud and co. discovered him in Hojo’s lab, but he strictly joins the party as a non-playable character. But now that the first act of the trilogy is complete and Red has time to properly be part of the party, longtime fans will be waiting for him as a playable member.

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