A beginner’s guide to streaming games on YouTube Gaming, everything you need


Videos are the most popular form of digital media. Platforms like InVideo.io are proof that these forms of content are here to stay. Streaming, especially games, has become a million dollar market over the past three years.

Here’s how you can bite into a little slice of that cake with youtube streaming:

Set up your YouTube channel

The obvious first step is to set up your YouTube channel. This platform will work as the base of your steam and attract people.

Using a Google account, you can quickly create the channel. The advantage of using YouTube is its large user base. Unlike the dedicated streaming platform, YouTube has a diverse network of audiences. This crowd will help build a fan base much faster.

Be sure to verify your account to start the casting feature. This process occurs by accessing the configuration page and entering a mobile number. It would take very little time and should get streaming right away.


The next step to setting up your feed is your branding. This included visual aspects of your channel like name, artwork, and bios. Make sure you have a unique name, which also defines your work. Add channel artwork and a banner.

Keep all your bios filled with meaningful information. The description should contain plenty of keywords to allow users to find your new channel. Additionally, you will also need to add channel tags and metadata in the settings tab.

Keeping all this information up-to-date is crucial for finding new users.

Channel Trailer

One way to explain your channel to new users is to use a trailer. This video is possible using a website like InVideo. These videos should explain your profile and give an overview of your work. Give users a reason to subscribe.

This video can show you talking in front of a camera or a compilation of your past game streams. Make this space attractive to new users.


Although this is not the first step, it is something to keep in mind. Once you start streaming, take the time to cut those streams into smaller videos for promotions. A video that is between ten and twenty minutes long will gain better views. These views will encourage users to follow their feeds.

This task is easy with the help of a promotional video maker. Simply download the entire stream, then cut out some of the most memorable moments from the online content. You can also use this video on other social media platforms. You could check promo video maker

Set up a broadcast

Now that you have the other streaming shell, it’s time to get down to the science. Game streams should be done with careful attention to quality. Make sure to use a fast connection and reliable equipment.

Since users have many streaming options, only the best-in-class content will attract attention. Here’s everything you need to know.


Step on is setting up a mailing software. There are many free tools available online, so pick the one you find easiest to use. Some free tools come with a watermark and locked features – so invest in a premium subscription if you’re serious.

Once connected to this streaming software, you will need to design your steam window. This is the part where you can organize and link different sections of the screen for various features. For example, on a game stream, the sections are your face, gameplay, audience reaction, etc.

Some software also lets you add a filter and a custom design template to make your feed more colorful. Chances are you have a few design ideas in mind if you love game streaming.

The next step is to connect your audio to the stream. You need to make sure your gaming tool mic (phone or laptop) is balanced with the sound if you are speaking. Both audio levels can be mastered using the built-in mixer.

A premium tool lets you add popups and image overlays to encourage interactions like “Commun now”, “hit like”, “donate to my stream” etc.

Point to note

Keep your layout simple and precise. Don’t get bogged down with all the features of the board and clutter the feed screen. Then run a test stream to make sure the output looks as expected. Ask a few friends to join you and take notes.

Time for action.

Before you start your stream and mirror this broadcast window to YouTube, you will be asked to enter some information. These are tags and titles that help understand the context of your video.

Some platforms also allow you to link your social media account to the broadcast. This way, the stream is not only on YouTube, but also on other channels.

Once you are live, you will notice two chat windows. You can respond to users on your feed and encourage more engagements. The more people talking on your stream, the better its reach.

After the broadcast is over, add this video to your channel for more people to see. Over time, you’ll build up a loyal following that will join every game.


All of this brings us to an important point. Can we make money doing this? YES.

Granted, success isn’t instantaneous, and it will take time, but it’s a viable option. Monetization on YouTube happens with the channel feature. You will need to create our channel to make it eligible for revenue.

Your channel must have one thousand subscribers and at least four thousand hours of viewing over a twelve-month period for this eligibility. Post this, you can enable the option for YouTube ad revenue.

Another way to earn money is to use the “superchat” function. This feature allows users to contribute money directly to your stream while the stream is live. Many use this small income as their main source of income.

Finally, brand collaborations are always options. Once you gain popularity, other brands that match your target audience would love to pay you money in exchange for their on-screen logo. Some companies also require the streamer to plug their brand into the stream.

Last thoughts,

Streaming is the new wave of online video content, and game streaming will never stop. You must continually try to innovate and be creative. Don’t just stream games; add a touch of your personality.

This process is as much about creating a personal brand as it is about game streaming.


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