A stream in Hawaii that smells of beer tests positive for alcohol


A hiker in Hawaii made a strange discovery while exploring a wooded area in a ravine about 120 feet below a busy highway. He noticed a pungent smell of beer and traced it to a small stream flowing through the woods.

The hiker contacted Carroll cox, a local environmental activist, who went to investigate the creek.

“The other day we came here, you would have thought it was a beer bar that hadn’t opened for three or four days,” he said. Hawaii News Now.

The information station took a sample of the water and sent it to a laboratory for analysis. The test revealed that the water contained almost 1.2% alcohol and 0.4% sugar.

Cox has contacted the Department of Health about this. The agency, along with the Department of Transportation, attributed the problem to a storm sewer near Paradise Beverages, one of Hawaii’s largest brewers. The company said it had no idea what caused the spill as there had been no rain for the past few days.

Officials did not provide details of the cause of the spill and did not say Paradise Beverages would be fined for the spill.

While the spill has been stopped, Cox is frustrated because it is not the first time that something like this has happened.

“[There’s a] lack of respect for land and water, even though we preach it. We don’t practice what we preach, “he told the Washington post.


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