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As someone interested in part-time streaming in 2018, no other device got me more excited about Elgato’s new product line than the Stream Deck. Marketed as a new way to “evolve your content”, what Elgato Stream Deck offers all content creators is the power of a broadcast studio in the palm of their hand. Although its retail price of around CA$220 may seem expensive to some, the Stream Deck is a product that is not only ideal for streamers or gamers, but also for anyone who works with any reputable brand of production software.

Elgato Stream Deck (Review Image Credit: CGMagazine Staff)

Out of the box, the Elgato Stream Deck comes in two components, the main unit that houses 15 customizable LCD keys and the adjustable stand that it can sit on. Aesthetically, the Stream Deck is sleek and professional. The LCD keys act like traditional concave keys, but can sometimes be a fingerprint magnet due to their glossy sheen. Setting up the Stream Deck is a snap, users simply plug the device into their Windows 10 computer using a USB cable and download the Stream Deck app from the Stream Deck website. ‘Elgato. Once these two steps are completed, the user is now free to customize the Stream platform to suit their needs.

The easiest way to describe the functionality of Elgato Stream Deck is that it acts like a hotkey. Instead of memorizing inputs for specific functions, the user simply assigns actions to the Stream Deck’s LCD keys and creates a visual icon to represent it using the app. A good example for this is how users can control their stream in OBS. In less than 5 minutes of playing in the Stream Deck app, I was able to create scene transitions with effects, create stream play and stop buttons, insert sound effects, and change my audio sources from at the touch of a button. Although these are superficial examples of what a content creator can do, the real value of the Stream Deck comes from its huge list of compatible software where users can freely create actions for YouTube, Twitch, XSplit , Adobe Premiere and even manage their social media platforms. , including Twitter.

Elgato Stream Deck Review (Hardware): A Stream Suite in the Palm of Your Hand 5
Elgato Stream Deck (Review Image Credit: CGM Team)

Now, that sounds like a lot of things a user has to manage if they have actions across a variety of software and platforms, but luckily all of those actions are easy to organize thanks to Elgato Stream’s folder system. Deck. Simply create a folder using the app, label it for the platform the user plans to use, then create commands for it. Originally the Stream Deck could only hold 210 actions before reaching its maximum, but at the time of writing this review the folder system has been expanded and users can now create an unlimited number of actions to satisfy their desires by creating folders within folders. .

My only disappointment with Elgato Stream Deck was that it was not able to integrate with one of the tools most commonly used by Twitch streamers, Stream Labs. However, this is being fixed with the upcoming 2.0 update, which is currently in public beta for users to try out. Many of the updates covered in this beta software are community-requested quality of life improvements and it’s nice to see that Elgato is willing to back its product and give it the TLC it needs to become more efficient and hassle-free for the user. If you aspire to be more than an amateur content creator, Elgato Stream Deck is a fun and intuitive way to learn how to properly manage your content and deliver it at a professional level.

Elgato Stream Deck (hardware) review: A streaming suite in the palm of your hand 3
Elgato Stream Deck (Review Image Credit: CGM Team)

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