Austin ISD Schools Receive $300,000 in Grants for Projects and Programs


AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Ed Fund, Austin ISD’s nonprofit public education foundation, announced it will use $300,000 to fund 52 projects in the district through its grant program.

According to the nonprofit, the program was launched in 2015 to encourage and help fund collaborative teacher-led projects that focus on innovative teaching strategies that enhance learning and support wellbeing. students, staff and families.

Across all AISD schools, a variety of initiatives and projects were funded during the 2022 grant cycle.

“Teachers submitted 94 proposals requesting more than $653,000,” the nonprofit organization said in a statement. “Of the projects submitted, 55% were fully or partially funded across 41 AISD schools for a unique variety of initiatives and projects.”

Akins Early College High School received $4,050 for its Law Practicum Legal Resources project. The project will provide its 17 articling students with an immersive educational experience with hands-on experience in statewide law.

Elementary Linder received $10,000 for his project “We Knew We Could!” program, which helps cultivate resilience through STREAM. STREAM teaches students problem-solving skills, resilience, and the ability to accept failure and allow it to become a stepping stone to eventual success.

Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy received $10,000 for his “Dragon Fire Media” project. The project would aim to create a new media laboratory and an after-school club.

Elemental Kocurek received $9,450 for its program “The Writing Barn Retreat: Cultivating Craft within a Literary Community”. The grant would launch the campus-wide initiative to develop the writing skills of teachers and students and improve student academic achievement in all subjects.

Elemental Ortega received $10,000 for its “Healthy Habits Here We Come” project, which would encompass many aspects of healthier habits for the entire school community.

Wooldridge Primary School received $8,000 for its project “Building a better book fair: the collaborative book”. This project transforms the traditional book fair model into a tailored experience to better meet the needs and desires of students.

Austin ISD Multilingual received $7,900 for her “Sewing Friendships” project which hosts sewing support groups for refugee women and college students. The grant will help purchase sewing machines and materials for the bi-weekly sewing group.

Eastside Early College High School received $7,290 for the “Eastside Battle of the Books” program, which is a collaboration with the English department and the library to organize a Battle of the Books contest within the school.

Houston Elementary School received $1,930 for its project “For the Love of Reading… Sit Down and Have Fun! program. The grant will provide fifth-grade students with access to bilingual and culturally relevant texts in English and Spanish.

Langford Primary School received $8,600 for its project “STEMulate Your Mind with Robotics!” The grant will help fund the purchase of multiple campus-wide Vex robotics kits and bring real-world learning into the classroom.

Zilker Elementary School received $3,550 for its “Girls on the Run” program, which is a positive youth development program that inspires girls to be healthy, happy and confident through a hands-on program that creatively incorporates running .

“A maximum of $2,500 is awarded for projects that impact individual classrooms, and up to $10,000 is awarded for projects that are collaborative and have team or group impact. campus-wide,” the statement read.

A full list of winners can be viewed on the Austin Ed Fund website.


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