Azoulas Zygelis: The mystery surrounds the death of a boy found dead in a stream


neighbor recounted the horrific moment a mother found her missing son’s corpse after a frantic search.

He left the park by exiting Roxwell Road and was not seen again, police said.

Azoulas was immediately reported missing by his family and also launched a social media campaign to follow his latest displacements.

Azoulas Zygelis was only 15 when he was found dead in a Barking waterway

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It took three days for the student at Eastbury Community School to be discovered by his godfather in a shallow waterway.

His mother told The Standard that she is still waiting for answers from the police that could explain how her son died.

Neighbors said there was no sign of a struggle or brawl to get out of the stream and Azoulas was found with no ID, phone or wallet on him.

A 50-year-old neighbor told The Standard: “I didn’t hear anyone screaming in distress that night. I didn’t even know there was a stream there.

“Then his godfather came knocking on my door. He didn’t speak much English but was panicked and upset.

“He shouted ‘my godson, my godson’ and indicated where he was across the road. I saw the body in the water.

That’s when I told the police to send an ambulance, fire department, forensic scientists, whatever you got – there’s a corpse here.

“Within seconds, the father, mother and brother got into a car and ran screaming and screaming. Nobody touched it, nobody got in there.

The makeshift sanctuary of Azoulas

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“You can hear the family crying, it’s awful, I used to cry with them and give them tea.

“I just hope his family gets a resolution, God knows what they’re going through. I wonder what could have been so bad for him to die this way.

Friends laid candles and built a makeshift sanctuary at the Azoulas shipyards from where it was discovered.

His ex-girlfriend comes to light candles every night where he was discovered, neighbors said.

A note left there pays homage to “their favorite person in the world”.

It reads: “I will miss you singing Bruno Mars for me with your terrible singing voice … Your warm hugs, you were the best hug and you never failed to kiss everyone. Our moments of crying together I will definitely miss you and you always tell me that you love me and that I am pretty. I love you so much goodbye. “

After Azoulas’ body was found, an autopsy was performed at Queens Hospital in Romford with inconclusive results.

Newlands Park where Azoulas was last seen alive

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The Lithuanian family organized a funeral for him at St Casimir’s Roman Catholic Church in Bethnal Green on November 6.

He was known to have been in Felton Road, Barking around 5 p.m. and it is understood that he traveled to Newlands Park, Barking to meet friends for a short time, police said.

DC Lisa Jones, who is leading the investigation, said Scotland Yard was awaiting the return of lab results to determine the cause of her death.

She said: “I urge anyone who lives along the road between Felton Road and Newlands Park to check the doorbell footage that afternoon and that evening to see if you have captured Azoulas.

“I would also ask all drivers to check the dashcam images as well.

“It’s a relatively short distance from Newlands Park to where Azoulas’ body was found, so if you live around the park, please check out any pictures you might have on the evening of November 1st. to November 3 – no matter how bad you think it is, it could provide vital clues to our investigation.

“Any information that people can provide could be of great help to us.

“Azoulas’ death remains unexplained and we are making progress from our first investigations to establish the circumstances of his death.

“However, we will work tirelessly to ensure that his family receives all responses that can clarify how this tragic incident happened.

“Azoulas’ family continues to be supported by specialist officers while the investigation continues.”

Anyone who can help is asked to contact the police on 101 via Twitter @MetCC. Please quote CAD4262 / 03NOV.

To provide information anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at


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