Canadian company seeks to unlock prebiotics and plant proteins for use in pig and poultry feed


The funding will support work by CBS Bio Platforms to develop processes that release previously inaccessible plant components and make them usable in poultry and pig feed.

Rob Patterson, CBS Bio Platforms technical director, said the company is developing new technologies, such as food-derived prebiotics, which will be used to maximize food performance and replace antibiotic growth promoters. By using such substances of plant origin (PDS), the idea is that producers will see efficiency and productivity gains.

“Substances of plant origin are essentially prebiotic compounds generated by our new processing technology. They are derived from the fibrous fraction of plant material. The work of our laboratory has shown that feeding natural prebiotic compounds improves the growth performance of livestock by improving nutrient digestion and strengthening intestinal immunity.

“Prebiotic substances promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). More beneficial bacteria lead to better digestion of nutrients and greater resistance to pathogenic bacterial infections – thus, the inclusion of these compounds in livestock rations mayhelp improve gut health, thereby reducing the need for antibiotics, ”he told FeedNavigator.

Highly digestible protein

The generation of prebiotic compounds from the fibrous fraction of the ingredient also leads to a co-flow of highly digestible protein material, he continued.

“This co-flow, whether it is canola, hemp, lentils or beans, will be evaluated as a source of dietary protein in livestock rations and will be compared to traditional vegetable protein sources such as meal. soy.”

In addition to RDAR funding, the project is supported by the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture, a five-year C $ 3 billion investment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen and develop the country’s agri-food sector. .

Patterson said the project builds on a wealth of previous research into CBS ‘feed technology, particularly with enzyme technology.

“We’ve learned a lot about how to extract more value and deliver unique benefits from food ingredients. Using enzymatic technology, CBS breaks down the fibrous structures of the plant and releases components that are traditionally more difficult to access. This new project will take this approach to a new level of precision and power by capturing the protein fraction as well as the functional carbohydrate fractions to create new streams of high added value products. “


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