Christmas Day will be marked by scattered showers and strong winds



Merry Christmas to all of us celebrating all of us here in the StormTracker 59 Weather Lab! Today we will move on to intermittent showers throughout the day with much windier conditions. Gusts of up to 35 mph at low altitudes and potentially stronger along the mountains are possible as our cold front clears its way. This, coupled with the rain, won’t make for a great weather to try something outside and socially aloof. The peaks remain in the 1950s.

Sunday winds continue to blow up to 30 mph in the morning with gradual weakening throughout the day. Apart from a few morning showers, we should also dry off and cleanse (briefly) during the day. Nighttime clouds will return in anticipation of a new system for Monday. Summits in the 1940s and 1950s.

On Monday, as the jet stream settles right above us, the rain begins to pour in and will be there for the long haul. Windy and mild conditions persist as showers follow one another throughout the day. It seems likely that it will be with us for the entire last week of 2021, and it could be the answer to whatever dry weather we’ve been looking for.

On Tuesday, the rain continues throughout the day as the jet stream spreads a system over us as it tries to organize itself. It will be windy at times, but the gusts shouldn’t be enough to do the damage, but it could damage your hair. The peaks remain in the 1950s.

Wednesday, more rain. This time around, as our system begins to organize itself, we should see more stable pockets, especially during the evening hours through Thursday. The highs stay in the 50s, continuing to secure our place as one of the hottest December months ever!

Thursday, you guessed it was raining more. It will still be in the intermittent nature that we have seen previously throughout the week, with some not even seeing potentially rain during the day. The highest remain in the 1950s as the winds continue to blow from the south.

In the extended forecast, the rain will continue to stay until 2022, along with temperatures well above average. As of now, it doesn’t look like our model is moving too much early next year, but especially right now we can see big changes in the forecast so far away.

As a reminder, the Fall Burn Ban is in effect until December 31 for West Virginia. Take the time to remember the rules and be sure to use common sense this fall.

Periods of rain. Peaks in the mid-1950s.
Scattered showers in the morning. Peaks in the 1950s.
Rain, regular at times. Highs in the 50s above around 60.
Showers on and off. Peaks in the 1950s.
Rain probably still appearing. Peaks in the 50s almost 60.
Soft, rainy. Peaks in the 1950s.
Rain possible. Peaks in the 1950s.
SATURDAY (2022):
Showers. Summits in the 1940s and 1950s.
Soft, drier. Peaks in the 1950s.
Cooler with rain. Summits in your thirties


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