CNN Plus will launch in early 2022 (but will not broadcast live channels)


CNN is owned by WarnerMedia, which is expected to merge with Discovery shortly after the planned launch of CNN Plus.

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Cable information service CNN announced Monday that it will launch a standalone digital video subscription called CNN More in the first three months of 2022, a streaming service that will have its own selection of programs but will not unlock access to any of CNN’s traditional channels. Head quarter WarnerMedia has not confirmed the planned or planned price of a discounted package with its other streaming service, HBO Max.

CNN Plus launch set to come in the middle of WarnerMedia try to slip away from AT&T, its current owner, and merge with the cable programmer Discovery into a new media heavyweight focused solely on television, film and streaming. The deal, which was announced in May, was due to be reached in mid-2022, while CNN Plus is expected to arrive before April.

But the management of the new company, which will be called Warner Bros. Discovery, pledged to continue funding CNN Plus when the merger was first announced. Moreover, the merger will bring together several streaming services under one roof, not only HBO Max and CNN Plus but also Discovery More.

CNN Plus will not have live feeds from the company’s linear news networks, but it plans to have its own live, on-demand and interactive programming, including eight to 12 hours of live news. per day at launch. It also provides a social element to the subscription, described as a “community component” that allows subscribers to “connect directly with anchors and experts” in live conversations.

The new service will also have a full library of past CNN programming, such as seasons of shows, including Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, This is Life with Lisa Ling and United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell.

CNN will have a single app that will both serve CNN’s regular customers and also host CNN Plus programming. So, regular subscribers to CNN channel via cable or other pay TV provider will be able to watch their live feeds and streaming networks through the app, while CNN Plus subscribers will use the same app to unlock original content. of this service (but will not be able to access these live streams).

CNN Plus will mark another new streaming service arriving on a tide of them, as media and tech giants have both sparked a flood of options to compete with people like Netflix. Like Disney plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, peacock, Discovery Plus, Paramount Plus and others that came before it, CNN Plus is a gamble that its particular recipe for exclusive programming will draw you in as a subscriber as television in general moves into a streaming future. But for you, these so-called streaming wars affect the number of services you use – and often have to pay for – to watch your favorite programming online.

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