Colleges associated with Lucknow University lack infrastructure to implement NEP 2020 | Lucknow News

By: Himanshu Singh
LUCKNOW: Lucknow University (LU) may have become the first in the country to introduce the curriculum prescribed in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, but some of its major associate colleges are facing challenges. problems in its implementation at the undergraduate level as they do not have the required infrastructure for vocational and extracurricular courses. In addition, they do not have enough teachers for multidisciplinary teaching.

Speaking to TOI, Chandra Mohan Upadhyay, Director of Kalicharan Post-Graduate (PG) College, said, “We do not have economics professors and the NCC is also not available in our college. We also need more qualified teachers for vocational courses. From now on, we have decided to introduce cinematography as a professional course, but due to the limited equipment and budget, it is very difficult for us.
Bappa Sri Narain Vocational PG College Director Ramesh Dhar Dwivedi said, “For professional courses, we want to implement Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), Carpentry and Goods and Services Tax (TPS) . But because of the lack of infrastructure and teachers, it is so difficult for us to move forward.
Lucknow Christian College Principal Pronoti Singh said: “There is a lot of ambiguity in the terms of the major and minor subjects. At the moment, we are focusing on increasing the number of teachers for extracurricular and professional courses.
Sri Jai Narain Misra PG College Deputy Director Vinod Chandra, who is also a Senior Professor of Sociology, said: “LU has yet to post the Sociology program on its website. In such a scenario, how am I supposed to teach the students. There is a lack of planning and coordination on the LU side.
School principals have also informed TOI that, although NEP 2020 prescribes that a student may choose subjects from other fields / faculties, LU has not given permission to do so. For example, a humanities student may choose a science or business subject and vice versa. However, the directives of the LU stipulate that a student must opt ​​for subjects belonging to the same field in which he is registered.
Rajiv Kumar, director of DAV College, said that many students want to choose subjects in other faculties, but since LU has not given permission, we do not offer such an option.
The principal of Shia PG College, Mohammad Miyan, also said that students do not get mainstream in the subjects of their choice due to the limited options. “LU has also not provided the list of professional courses to date,” he added.
LU spokesperson Durgesh Srivasatava, when contacted, said that “the university has uploaded the programs to its portal and all colleges have been informed about vocational matters.”
Regarding the restriction of the combinations of subjects between the streams, he declared that the introduction within the stream / faculty in one go would have overloaded the work colleges, it was therefore decided to introduce the interdepartment first. within a faculty, then gradually enter interfaculty studies.


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