Cop This Elgato Stream Deck and Mic Bundle which is currently $389


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Along with having a computer that can handle it all, there are some essential gear you’ll need to start streaming. If you’re finally looking to start that Twitch channel you’ve been talking about for a while now and are in the process of replenishing your setup, then you don’t want to miss this deal. For $389you can get a solid package including Elgato’s Stream Deck and Wave:3 microphone.

It’s a very good price for what’s included, and this offer seems to be exclusively available on Amazon Australia at the moment (even Elgato’s online store links there). Separately, the Stream Deck can cost up to $239.95-$259 from Australian retailers like EB Games and JB Hi-Fi, while the Wave:3 will set you back between $239.95-$269 from the same retailers. . Even Amazon Australia has the Wave:3’s full price listed at $289 (although it’s currently on sale for $209).

In any case, this bundle will be saves you $90 to $139 if you were to enter the equipment separately.

Image: Elgato

On their own, these two pieces of Elgato equipment are worth the investment. We particularly like the Elgato Wave:3 as a broadcast microphone, which connects to your PC via USB, can record at 96kHz sample rate and 24-bit bitrate, and includes external controls for volume, gain, and mix. It also includes Elgato’s audio mixing software, Wave Link, which is handy if you don’t already have mixing software handy.

The Stream Deck included in this bundle is the 2017 version MK.1, it’s still a great choice for an audio and video mixer. It includes 15 customizable buttons and has a pretty easy-to-manage interface, so setting up actions for your flow isn’t difficult. The bridge itself is quite low-profile, so it will fit nicely on your desk while still allowing you to easily adjust your audio and video on the fly.

With this pack, your setup will approach a level of professionalism that will allow you to stream with the best of them.

The Elgato Stream Deck MK.1 and Wave:3 bundle is available here.


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