Create new content with the Elgato Stream Deck on sale for just $100


Whether you’re streaming a dozen TikTok videos a day or recording a new podcast about the history of broccoli or just streaming on Twitch, an Elgato Stream Deck can really help you organize all the different programs, buttons and flares. that you add to each video. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can get this Stream Deck for a low price of just $99.99 (opens in a new tab). It recently sold for up to $150 and regularly goes for around $130. The last time it dropped this low on Amazon was Black Friday, so it’s not a price that will survive the Prime Day sale event.

It’s time to create something new

The Stream Deck is actually a pretty simple idea on the surface. It’s just 15 buttons on an angled surface that you can easily press. These LCD keys are all fully customizable, and that’s where it really opens up in what you do with them. For example, you can incorporate third-party programs like Twitch and Discord and OBS to help you get the most out of it. Set your keys to common routines like opening any programs you open when you’re about to go live, or set the keys to play the memes and GIFs you regularly like to use during your broadcasts .

You can even nest folders within other folders on each key, giving you an endless amount of customization options and allowing you to perform as many actions as you can program.

You can also customize the Stream Deck itself with custom icons, logos, and more. Create multiple profiles that allow you to change the key based on the user. The Stream Deck connects via USB and is easy to set up.


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