Cyber ​​Monday Elgato Stream Deck Sales: From $ 71


Streaming is a bit of a weird beast, as you both have to control a lot of technical processes on your end while maintaining eye contact with your audience. If you constantly turn away to check a second monitor or look at your keyboard, your viewers might feel ignored. This is where gear like the Elgato Stream Deck comes in handy (not to be confused with the Steam Deck), as it allows you to configure hotkeys to control different aspects of your stream with the push of a button. Additionally, each key has an individual LCD screen that lets you set a custom image to represent whatever is currently mapped to it.

Right now Elgato has three different sizes of Stream Decks on sale for Cyber ​​Monday, so you can get exactly the number of buttons you need.

All of these Stream Decks work with Elgato’s Stream Deck software, which makes it easier for you to map custom actions and images to each key. While you can technically mimic the function of a Stream Deck using a Raspberry Pi and touchscreen, or even a USB numeric keypad if you’re smart, nothing else comes close to it. the satisfaction and convenience of an official “keys with screens” combo of a Stream Deck.

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