Discord Go Live will let users stream games to 10 friends


Discord’s latest feature, called Go Live, is something of a happy medium between streaming live across the internet and playing with your friends on the couch. The new feature, announced by Discord on Friday morning, will allow users to stream their game directly to their friends using the Discord client. The feature is expected to roll out on August 15.

Go Live is an extension of Discord’s current screen sharing feature, which is available as part of the service’s private voice calls. Unlike the private call version, however, Go Live will require game detection to activate. This means that instead of just sharing the screen, users can only stream to viewers while a game is playing, and only the game will be shown to viewers.

Discord’s Go Live stream used in the Discord desktop app

Live broadcasts will only be available to users currently in the same Discord voice channel as the host of the stream. Each Discord Go Live stream can accommodate up to 10 people, including the streamer himself.

Discord Go Live can be turned on or off at any time through the Discord desktop app or by playing a game directly through the game overlay. The streams themselves will automatically play to viewers in 720p, but Nitro Classic users will have the option to upgrade their streams to 1080p, while standard Nitro users will have the option to stream in 4K.

Some users will start accessing Go Live from August 15, and the feature will be available to everyone over the next two weeks.


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