Elgato has a new Stream Deck pedal for under your desk


Elgato has picked up a lot of steam in recent years with its popular Stream Deck series (among other products) which allows the user to create custom shortcuts for all sorts of things. Whether it’s your favorite tools in your favorite video editing app or controlling camera views in OBS. These devices have found their way into many professions and now the company has something new to put at your feet.

The new Stream Deck pedal is a three-option pedal (three pedals) that you can control with your foot. Each can be assigned to various functions, allowing you to control games, apps, shortcuts, and more. They can also perform several actions (fully configurable by the user).

So if you’re a streamer who doesn’t want his audience to see him pressing buttons to change cameras, screens, or anything else related to streaming content, you can technically move your Stream Deck to the ground at using this pedal. Use it to secretly switch between multiple camera angles without letting the audience know you’re the magician pulling the strings.

The new pedal is priced at $89 and will likely be available soon at online stores like Amazon (availability is limited at this time). It’s a good idea and would be a powerful tool for many professionals or amateurs. Although it is not the first to hit the market. There have been options out there, like this one-third triple pedal (which came out in 2017). So it’s not a new idea, but it’s new to Elgato at least and it will be comforting to those familiar with its products and software.

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