Elgato launches the Stream Deck pedal


Elgato has launched the new Stream Deck Pedal, a $90/£80 footpad that can be used to control streams, games and other software.

It’s an unassuming kit, with three pedals that can be assigned to different inputs or a chain of controls. Elgato dropped a little launch trailer to demonstrate its various uses, perhaps using it to easily remove a transition or effect during streams while your hands are busy, or assigning the left and right pedals to the strafing within a game. The company also showed off its possibilities outside of gaming, like using it with video editing software or removing it from your PC to easily access controls while recording music or cooking.

The Stream Deck pedal can have a series of controls assigned to an input, just press a button to do something like take a screenshot and instantly start Twitter to upload it. Different software can be assigned different profiles that automatically switch to the program you open as well.

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Along with the release of the Stream Deck pedal, Elgato introduced Discord integration which works for both the pedal and the standard Stream Deck. It lets you program commands for Discord’s various inputs such as push-to-talk, mute, and join or leave voice channels.

While the Stream Deck Pedal looks relatively simple, it comes with a nice grippy surface for the pedals and comes with non-slip feet to stay in place. It also has interchangeable springs that can be used to change how much pressure you need to put on each hitting area.

I’m not a streamer and I’m generally skilled enough that my hands can handle what I’m doing when I’m working and playing. But for streamers and those who sometimes find their hands can’t keep up, I can see the pedal being a really worthwhile investment.


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