Elgato Stream Deck now available in white


Or the gadgets can be very personal and when these gadgets come in new colors, it can help them fit into our interior design style.

Elgato’s magical little Stream Deck is now available in white, while offering the same powerful features. For those unfamiliar, Elgato makes hardware devices designed for streamers and content creators.

There are plenty of people out there with white themed Battlestations and so far you’ve had to deal with a black Stream Deck interrupting that clean, crisp look. With the addition of white color, the case, keyboard, mouse, microphone and Stream Deck can all be matched for the ultimate look.

The Stream Deck KM.2 offers 15 programmable hardware keys in a stand that places it at a handy 45 degree angle for easy access.

These keys are actually small LED screens that can be programmed using the Stream Deck software. This offers a really easy drag and drop interface and offers some serious customization.

These 15 buttons can have folders, much like our smartphone home screen, so 15 can become over 200 buttons and then we add the ability to have up to 10 pages of 15 icons and you’re talking about over 1,000 buttons…amazing.

These buttons can be configured to perform a variety of functions, like launching websites, opening apps, even controlling audio input/output and your favorite brand of smart lighting. Jump into the store and there’s a huge range of plugins to further increase functionality.

Those who stream online on Twitch, YouTube, etc. will love the ability to press a button and switch cameras, add lower thirds and more.

If you’re into finance or crypto, there are also stock ticket and crypto ticker plugins to make a button show live updates on how your investments are doing. The possibilities are really endless, but my favorite part comes from the macro functions.

For computer tasks that you repeat regularly, which require several steps, many keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, they can be automated with the press of a single button.

It looks like the white isn’t quite ready for Aussies, but if you want more information on the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2, head over to elgato.com/en/stream-deck-mk2


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