Elgato’s New Stream Deck Plus Launches Today


We’re big fans of Elgato’s desktop control surfaces, and he’s just unveiled the new Stream Deck Plus. Offering a series of multi-function capabilities similar to the previous generation models, the plus model takes it up a notch with additional input controls and the almost Touch Bar-like display to streamline your content creation process. In most cases, it’s designed to take the more affordable Stream MK.2 experience up a notch with technical improvements across the board, and it’s now available for purchase. Head below for more details and a closer look.

New Elgato Stream Deck Plus

For those unfamiliar, Elgato’s Stream Deck line offers a series of mappable controls to your streaming and content creation rig that can then be programmed through the Elgato app to control a wide range of actions and equipment in your studio. This includes everything from changing camera angles, muting your microphone, launching various apps, loading scenes into your feed, and much more.

The new Stream Deck Plus offers all of these features with improved controls, including four new control buttons for things like “volume levels, picture details, camera zoom, brightness, white balance” and other incremental app settings (you can also push these to “cycle through dial actions”).

You will also have noticed the sophisticated new touch bar-style display that extends down the middle of the control surface. This, not quite dissimilar to Apple’s Touch Bar display, is a touchscreen that allows more direct control over knobs and buttons, as well as the ability to “control apps with just a touch, swipe to change pages and see dialing information at a glance.”

Elgato offers a host of plugins to help automate your setup in tandem with the hardware controls, but it seems compatibility is still limited on the newer model (for now anyway):

Install over 200 out-of-the-box plugins or map hotkeys to keys and dials. Stream Deck+ integrates with any workflow, from video creation, podcasting and live production to photo editing, graphic design and beyond.

The Elgato Stream Deck Plus is now available for purchase at $269.99 directly from Elgato, and the Amazon listing should be live anytime now.

Taken from 9to5Toys

It would appear that the new Elgato Stream Deck Plus offers much of the same functionality as the previous generation MK.2, but you certainly won’t get the incremental button control with the older model. The touchscreen, it seems, is still limited to some degree in its usage scenarios – full customization and wide support for the new plus model is still on the way, it seems – but it certainly justifies the price if these items bring some value to your setup.

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