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Elgato’s Stream Deck sounds interesting, but will it help streamers or make matters worse?



If you’re a frequent Twitch viewer, you’re probably aware of just how much heinous shit people load on their screens. To the point where, depending on who you watch, their junk takes up more screen space than the game itself. A lot of this is because they want to show off a bunch of things like the face camera, followers, donations, raids, chat, animations, and whatever else they feel in the process. The reason you usually see all of this at the same time is that they don’t have time to move materials around and display them on the screen while playing. Elagato seeks to resolve this problem more easily.

This is the Elgato Stream platform. For those not into the broadcast, this baby works like a chyron screen, with multiple built-in functions. This is essentially a primary control standard for anyone who wants to stream multiple objects, and it’s a technology streamers have paid a heavy price for by going through traditional streaming equipment routes. Your standard piece of tech costs around $ 400 for the lower quality stuff, this system sells for $ 150. The big difference between the main switches and this one is that it has been changed for Twitch and YouTube, so whatever hardware you program in will work for your specific stream. Whether or not this helps streamers manage their extra features is another story as it now makes it easier to create content and can invite more features to be added to your favorite channels. The system is released in May.

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