Elizabeth Holmes essay: live updates


Jurors heard from a doctor on Thursday whose patient received abnormally high Theranos prostate antigen results in 2015.

Arizona doctor Mark Burnes reviewed the Theranos lab results he received for patient Mehrl Ellsworth, a retired dentist who spoke to the Wall Street Journal this summer about his experience with the testing company blood.

In May 2015, Dr Ellsworth received a prostate specific antigen test showing a result of 26.1.

Anything above four may be of concern, Dr Burnes said from the booth, although the progression of values ​​for a given patient is what matters most.

They performed a retest four days later with Theranos, which showed a value of 1.71, more in line with what was expected. A third test performed by Theranos in mid-June then showed a result of 22.8. A fourth result later in June came back with a result of 0.95.

Getting accurate results for Dr Ellsworth was important, his doctor said, as he was preparing to leave the country for a few years for missionary work.

Dr Burnes spoke to Theranos employees about the results, saying he suspected the first and third results were errors.

Jurors saw a series of internal Theranos emails discussing the issue and how to respond to Dr Burnes.

“It looks like either a sample integrity issue or some other interfering element (sic) in the patient sample that affected the PSA test on Edison,” read an internal email, referring to the proprietary machines of Theranos.

An entire chain of emails about Dr Ellsworth’s results were forwarded to Elizabeth Holmes, jurors found.


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