Expand your streamer setup with Stream Deck Mini


We have already had the pleasure of testing the Elgato Stream Deck XL. It’s cool tech, but why would you want a mini? Well, like we said in the previous article, the mini stream deck is a great option for the budget streamer. But we also found out that you can connect multiple streaming decks together! So, let’s move on to your streaming game.

Multiple flow bridges

Many streamers like to have full control at their fingertips. For some, the Stream Deck XL’s 32 keys just aren’t enough. Yes, there is the option to use folders to organize icons, but not everyone likes that. Also, isn’t it better to have one on each side of your PC setup? Some streamers think so. Thus, Elgato has integrated support for multiple flow decks. All you need to do is connect the second stream device to the computer, and you’re good to go. The Elgato software will detect a second device and you can easily switch between them.

The possibilities from there are endless. You can have one deck controlling another, put all your scene controls on one, use a different deck for different programs, add all of your extras, and create as many pages as humanly possible. The mini is also a great choice for the budget streamer, the streamer with limited space, and the streamer who doesn’t necessarily need full control over absolutely everything.

There is also the option of having gifs on the streaming platform too. For those crazy content creators, Elgato Gaming has loads of videos on their YouTube channel for how to customize your setup. For example, watch the video below on how to set up your broadcast rig with awesome lighting.

So what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to grab a mini streaming deck and expand your streaming setup. Get creative and see what icons you can create. If you have two streaming decks, let us know how you use them.


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