‘Go Live’ discord to now allow players to stream games to up to 10 friends


For those of you who don’t know what discord really is, here’s just a brief primer to get you started:

Discord is an exclusive free software VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) app, designed specifically for the game streaming community. It allows you to share text, images, videos and have voice conversations between users in a chat channel.

Until now, ‘Discord’ had no functionality available for live streaming. However, that seems to change on August 15th as Discord today announced a new feature “Go live” where users can now broadcast up to 10 people including the user himself. Go live will allow Discord users to broadcast their gameplay to a chat room on a server. Viewers will be able to view your gaming skills through a browser or desktop app.

Go Live is an extended version of Discord’s current screen sharing feature, which is available as part of the service’s private voice calls with an additional streaming feature.

Go Live streams will be shown to viewers on 720p but for Classic Nitro users, there will be a 1080p option available too, while Standard nitro users will be able to broadcast on 4K.

Of course, streaming to just 10 people isn’t enough, but it will be fun for those who just want their loved ones to see their gameplay instead of a lot of strangers.


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