Google Stadia Now Allows Users To Stream Games To YouTube


Google is finally bringing one of the promised features that were supposed to go live when it launched its game streaming service Stadia. A new update will allow users to stream games live on YouTube. In the future, this feature will allow other users to join the game by simply clicking on the live stream web link. The integration holds great promise as it may be the future of gaming as the audience for multiplayer games grows. The feature was first noticed by 9to5Google.

To start a stream, gamers will only need to name their stream and confirm whether the content is suitable for children or not. So far, details on the quality of the streaming have yet to be revealed. At launch, Google announced that it will support 4K streaming. However, 4K streaming support may be a feature that will be limited to Stadia Premium subscribers only.

Along with YouTube integration, support for Google Chromecast devices is another expected feature of the company. When Google launched Stadia, it was billed as the game’s Netflix, but it received mixed reviews after its release. The cloud-based game streaming service is still in its infancy and more features can be expected over the coming year.

Recently, Google also confirmed that Stadia will be coming to iPhone and iPad via an upcoming web app. At the time of launch, Google was unable to bring the service to iOS devices due to restrictions imposed by Apple. But Apple’s announcement in August paved the way for cloud gaming services to run on iOS devices.

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