How far with the NEMSA electricity laboratory?


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On January 25, 2019, the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) graciously ordered a refurbished electricity laboratory in Ijora, Lagos State, to help further test and confirm the commercial viability of gadgets used by GenCos (Generating Companies), Transmission Company of Nigeria. (TCN) and Distribution Companies (DisCos), almost daily.

Is there anyone domiciled in Nigeria who has yet to realize what the country has gone through over time when it comes to electricity supply?

The appropriate response to the sincere request should be “No”.

It is no longer news that Nigerians in their entirety have so far experienced untold hardships when they need electricity in the nooks and crannies of the famous African giant.

Besides the fact that the Nigerian state cannot boast of a stable power supply, it should be noted that even the one available is densely characterized by a myriad of irregularities as well as poor service delivery by the authorities in charge. of said public service.

This could be one of the reasons that led to the creation of NEMSA, the government authority that oversees the day-to-day standardization of power supply and other related technical issues across the Nigerian federation. NEMSA was created to perform the functions of enforcing technical standards and regulations, inspecting, testing and certifying all categories of electrical installations, meters and instruments, in order to ensure production efficient and delivery of safe, reliable and durable power supply as well as ensuring the safety of life and property in the Nigerian electricity supply industry coupled with related issues.

The regular supply of electricity to any locality in the world is characterized by three main segments, namely: generation, transmission and distribution. In each of these segments, it should be noted that different gadgets or machines are used to enable efficient and efficient services.

To ensure the proper functionality of these engineering materials, an electrical laboratory, or otherwise known as an “electrical laboratory”, is required in the process by the relevant authorities. It is the said laboratory that would ensure the authenticity and suitability of the gadgets before they are duly installed in the localities where they are needed.

Likewise, whenever one of the instruments breaks down or malfunctions, the laboratory in question is used to perform some necessary technical tests or diagnostics, to determine what is wrong with them as well as to define strategies on the best way to correct anomalies. could be addressed.

After the necessary “diagnosis” and the necessary corrections thereafter, the equipment would then be installed for later use. Perhaps it was the relentless pursuit of such a well-equipped test unit that guided the practical gesture displayed by NEMSA on the aforementioned date.

This piece is however made necessary by the need to realize how far the said Electricity Lab has gotten two years after its creation. It is noteworthy that the commissioning of the upgraded “Chemistry and Engineering Laboratory” received huge praise from many power sector stakeholders inside and outside Nigeria. . In his words, the then Minister of Energy, Public Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, who was physically present at the time, congratulated the leadership of NEMSA for joining safety compliance and enhanced industry growth.

He happily said: “This is now a modernized and properly equipped laboratory to help the agency enforce compliance in the electricity sector. It will also allow them to do their jobs efficiently now that they have the tools. We hope that there will be an improvement in the compliance conduct of all operators ”.

In his remarks, NEMSA Director General Mr. Peter Ewesor proudly revealed that the laboratory redesign would help the agency reduce substandard equipment in the electricity sector.

He said, “The facility is a specialized analytical laboratory for the inspection, sampling, testing and analysis services of transformer insulating and lubricating oils. Others include fats of various grades, turbine oil and hydraulic oil, used in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and allied industries, as well as drinking water resources. and effluent.

Mr. Ewesor, Chartered Engineer and also Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation, further revealed: “This laboratory has functioned as a benchmark quality control laboratory for the entire electrical industry since the era of the deceased. NEPA and PHCN, and now in the post-privatization era when NEMSA took it over in disrepair in 2014.

NEMSA, in fulfilling its key role in pursuing its mandate as set out in the NEMSA-2015 law, has embarked on upgrading and redesigning the laboratory to provide accurate testing and analysis.

He added that the electrical lab is equipped with a wide range of world-class testing equipment, instruments and devices, including the dissolved gas analyzer (DGA) – a diagnostic machine.

According to the boss, it also contains equipment for detecting, identifying and evaluating incipient faults in transformers and reactors, such as the Dielectric Strength Tester (DST) to determine the viscosity of the oil.

At the time, I said that NEMSA may have done something new thinking it was wise to come up with the milestone, but rather was bothered by a certain surveyor who tormented the Nigerian system, who was and remains a syndrome of durability.

The country’s subsistence culture has steadily deteriorated in a colossal way, which has eaten away at its blood circulation. It is on this premise that I urged the leadership of NEMSA to ensure that the laboratory was secure and protected at all costs, so that it would succeed perfectly in actualizing the fundamental reasons for which it was created or put. at the level.

So I advised that the authority should be ready to pick up saboteurs from among them, having been proven that in any climate or entity there must be a Judas, so NEMSA would not be an exception.

In fact, I meant that unpatriotic Nigerians or unscrupulous elements found in the agency should be shown the way without much ado if its management was truly prepared to exceed expectations.

The history of power in Nigeria still remains the same in various neighborhoods across the country despite all the efforts of various competent authorities, hence the need for NEMSA to intensify its actions to do what is necessary.

More so, as the authorities concerned strive to improve the supply of electricity throughout the federation, NEMSA, alongside the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), must become more proactive in its attempt. daily to monitor the activities of GenCos, TCN. and DisCos by respectively setting up mobile technical teams in different parts of the country.

There should also be a daily routine to keep track of men’s activity in the field to avoid or reduce the sets of prangs they play while they are at work.

This measure will go a long way in maintaining the suitability of the gadgets installed in different localities. Two years after celebrating the emergence of this milestone, let us remind NEMSA that teeming Nigerians still suffer in various ways from an unspeakable ordeal at the hands of the stakeholders who are supposed to serve and protect them. Think about it.


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