How to live stream and what to expect from Meta Connect 2022: what to expect with Live


Meta Connect 2022 is happening tomorrow. This highly anticipated Quest Pro headset will be unveiled at the show. According to a Facebook press release, the CEO of Zuckerberg will open the conference with a keynote where he will share tips on the VR platform, a new headset and the Metaverse.

Today Meta Connect will be streamed live and is free for everyone to watch online. You’re going to find out more about the time and location of the stream, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know and how to watch it in VR.

How to watch Meta Connect 2022 live.

Meta Connect 2022 kicks off Tuesday, October 11 at 10am PT/1pm. AND. You can watch the live video this time, directly from the Reality Labs Facebook page. Once the stream is complete, the event will be available on page 3 where you can watch it later if you forget to live.

How to watch Meta Connect live using VR?

If you have a MetaQuest II headset and want to watch the event in virtual reality, you can certainly do so. It’s a quick guide on how to set up a VR headset.

  • Update your headset to the latest version of Meta Quest.
  • The version currently available for Meta Horizon Worlds.
  • Please register for VR on the Oculus website.
  • Use the MetaConnect menu in the “Events” tab.
  • What can I expect from Meta Connect 2022?

    We don’t know what will be announced at MetaConnect this year, but it’s not a sloppy idea for the company to unveil a new headset called Mata Quest Pro. Following rumors, there have already been leaks of images of Meta Quest Pro on the site. It was also confirmed in a FaceBook press release that Mark Zuckerberg will give updates regarding his new “premium VR headset with mixed reality”.

    Big news coming Tuesday at Meta Connect Virtual reality, mixed reality, future of social presence in the metaverse not to be missed!

    Meta (@Meta) October 7, 2022

    Although the new headset will include VR-based experiences, it is reported to be extremely expensive at launch. The cost of VR is getting a bit expensive with the Meta Quest 2 update earlier this year. The new headset will likely become the star of the event, but we’ll also hear about new VR games coming to the system.


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