How to Live Stream Twitch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox


Broadcast on Tic is a great way to build community and get the most out of your playtime and luckily it’s now easier than ever.

While the hobby used to be limited to those who played on PC over the years, console streaming has become much more accessible and it’s never been easier than it is today.

The streaming process on Twitch differs slightly from console to console, but here’s everything you need to know to get started streaming your gameplay on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox.

How to Live Stream Twitch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox


The streaming process on Twitch differs for all consoles because some in-house streaming software works differently than others, and of course, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any in-house streaming options.

That being the case, you can stream any of these devices to Twitch using a capture card.

How to Stream on Twitch from Nintendo Switch

You will need to take advantage of an external capture card if you plan to stream your Nintendo Switch game to Twitch. This means you can only stream when playing in docked mode.

  • First, connect an HDMI cable between the output of your Nintendo Switch console and the input of the capture card you’re using.
  • From your capture card, connect another HDMI cable to the output and then to the TV or monitor you plan to play with.
  • Depending on the capture card you’re using, you’ll probably need to connect a USB device from the card to the PC you plan to stream from.
  • Now on your PC, you’ll want to add this capture card as a video source in your streaming software of choice so it can play on your stream.

How to Stream on Twitch from PlayStation

Streaming on Twitch couldn’t be easier on PlayStation. As the console has its own internal streaming capabilities, players only need to start a game and they can get started right away.

  • First, start the game you plan to stream to your viewers.
  • Now choose the “Share” button on your controller.
  • From there, choose broadcast gameplay.
  • On the next screen, choose Twitch as your desired output.
  • If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Twitch account.
  • Type in the title you want and set the options for your broadcast.
  • Now just start streaming.

Once you’re ready to wrap up, end the stream by choosing the “Share” button again and selecting the option to end the broadcast.

How to Stream on Twitch from Xbox

On your Xbox console, you’ll need to complete some setup before you can get in on the streaming action.

  • First, download the Twitch app from the Xbox store.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it and log into your Twitch account.
  • To link your account, you will need to enter the six-digit code found on your Twitch dashboard.
  • Now select “Broadcast”.
  • Enter your stream title, then choose “Start Broadcast” to start streaming!

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