How to Stream Games from Android Phone to Twitch 2022


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Check How to Stream Games from Android Phone to Twitch

The entertainment industry is at its peak. For the first time in history, we will be able to choose from thousands of video games and broadcast our gaming experiences live. Isn’t that exciting? Most gamers use Twitch, one of the largest streaming services on the web, to share live streams of video games they play on their computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. If you’re looking for information on how to stream mobile games on Twitch, you’ve come to the right place.

Streaming from computers and gaming consoles like Xbox One or Sony PS4 ensures high image quality while streaming, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing mobile game live streams on Twitch. Mobile streaming allows you to share live gameplay videos on this platform directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can install an application compatible with the operating system on the smartphone or tablet you are using, or you can install computer software that will mirror the screen of the device you want to use to cast to the screen of your computer.

In addition to the Twitch account and a mobile video game, you also need to install the live streaming app on your device. If you choose to broadcast your mobile video stream via a computer, you will need a microphone, a webcam and the necessary software that will allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer, as well as the streaming software. direct.

How to Stream Games from Android Phone to Twitch

  • Download the StreamLabs app (free) on your Android.
  • Open StreamLabs and sign in with your Twitch account.
  • Now, on the main screen window, tap on the “Broadcast” icon.
  • The app will show you a prompt to capture your screen. Just tap “Start Now”.
  • Now tap the 3-dot menu button and select “Edit Broadcast Info”.
  • Give your stream a name of your choice. When you are done, just press “OK”.
  • Now tap on the “Live” icon at the bottom right of the screen. Voila, all the content on your screen will start streaming to Twitch.
  • All that remains is to launch the game of your choice. It will automatically stream on Twitch live for all your viewers to see.

Final Words: How to Stream Games from Android Phone to Twitch

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