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Streaming games on Xbox Series X can happen in two ways at launch.


The first, and probably the easiest but not as customizable, is by using the Twitch app on the system to stream your gameplay. With Mixer closed, there is currently no other service that supports game streaming through an app on Xbox Series X. The other method requires that you have a capture card and streaming setup. PC.

Streaming with the Twitch app

You can stream directly from the Twitch app in a few quick steps. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Twitch app and signed into your Twitch account. You’ll need to log in using a code, so make sure you have a device with a web browser handy!

Now that you’re signed in, you can go to the “Streaming” tab on Twitch. it will display this screen:

On the left, you enter the name of your feed. Game title is blocked because Xbox will automatically tell Twitch which game you are playing, so no need to worry. Don’t press “Start Streaming” just yet, however. First you will want to adjust some parameters of other parameters.

The right side of the Broadcast menu contains several parameters. Below is an overview of what you’ll want to adjust and why.

  • Destination – This is an “experimental” feature that you shouldn’t need to bother with if you’re broadcasting on Twitch.
  • Camera position – Choose where your camera appears streaming. This will be blocked if you don’t have a camera plugged in.
  • Diffusion bar position – While your broadcast is live, Twitch will display a blue bar on your game that shows how long you’ve been streaming, how many people are watching, your mic and camera status. Make sure you place the bar in a corner that won’t block out important information you need to see while you play.


This is what the Diffusion bar looks like when positioned at the top right of the screen. Viewers cannot see the broadcast bar.

  • Microphone – Choose the sound level of your microphone on your stream. You’ll want your mic to be louder than your game or group chat so viewers can hear you properly. You can also mute your mic on the stream. It will not mute your mic in other places, but that audio will not play. This option is blocked if you do not have a microphone plugged in.
  • Group discussion – Choose whether or not your viewers can hear what’s going on in your Party Chat and how loud that Chat can be.
  • Game – Toggle the in-game audio. It may be worth dropping a few ticks if you talk a lot during your broadcast.
  • Debit – It is important. If you opt for an automatic debit, make sure your Xbox is using an Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi. Automatic rate calibration can give you more speed than your internet can handle over Wi-Fi. Your speed is determined by your internet, so you’ll want to have the best possible internet connection.
  • Stream resolution – If you cannot support a high bit rate, consider vaporizing at a lower resolution. The Twitch app offers streaming in 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p.

If you need more help figuring out which bitrate and resolution is best for you, visit Twitch Streaming Guidelines page for a detailed explanation.

Once you have finished changing your settings, select “Start Broadcast” to begin your broadcast. Note that you cannot read the chat through the Xbox Twitch app. You will need to open your chat on another device.

With your live broadcast, all you need now is navigate to the game you want to play and start playing! Note that while you’re in your Xbox menus or the Twitch app, your feed will display artwork like this for your privacy:


If you want to show the Xbox menus, you’ll need to stream with a capture card.

Streaming with a capture card

If you have a gaming PC that you want to stream with, you can stream your games using a capture card. This will allow you to stream to any site you want with overlays and more customization options. You will need to purchase a capture card and download a streaming program like OBS, Streamlabs OBS or the like in order to transfer your game to a streaming service.

While not the only capture card option, Elgato’s Game Capture cards are a popular example of what you would need. Please follow the instructions on your chosen capture card to set up game capture on your PC.


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