How to Stream Games Live on YouTube Guide


This article explains how to stream games live on YouTube. With the advent of good popular games, whether single or multiplayer, streaming games have become one of the biggest mediums of entertainment. There are several ways to stream games, but YouTube Gaming is one of the easiest and most popular platforms to do so. You can either upload your streaming gameplay videos to YouTube or stream them live. All you have to do is create a YouTube gaming channel and start streaming.

YouTube also acts as a streaming service for games. Game streaming is one of the fastest growing entertainment genres, and YouTube Gaming is making it easier than ever to get in on the action. If you want to go from uploading game videos to live streaming your own game on YouTube, all you need is a good computer and internet connection, a verified YouTube account and a free video encoding program compatible with YouTube. The setup to stream games to YouTube is a bit complicated, but you only need to go through the whole process once.

After that, you can start streaming at any time with the click of a button. YouTube makes it extremely easy to live stream games with webcams, but streaming a game is a bit trickier. Game streaming has quickly become one of the most popular ways to make money on the internet. However, it is difficult to know where to start. You can even change the YouTube channel name

How to Stream Games Live on YouTube

Install OBS

Step 1: You can stream and make screen recordings on OBS, which is popular for live streaming. It records your game output and then streams it to YouTube or Twitch. OBS is quite easy to configure, but has many advanced settings that you can configure.

2nd step: If you run the recording software alongside your game, you’ll usually get a decent performance boost. If you have a low-end system, you may not be able to stream effectively, although you can adjust the recorder settings and quality to suit your needs.

Take your Steam key and configure OBS

Open YouTube in your favorite web browser and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Right-click on your avatar in the top right corner of YouTube settings, then select “Studio Creator.” You will find your stream key in the “Live broadcast“section under”Encoder Setup.”

2nd step: Open OBS and run the automatic configuration wizard. Once you reach the “Stream Informationswitch from Twitch to YouTube, then paste the stream key from YouTube settings.

Step 3: This broadcast key should be kept secret, because anyone who has it can live stream on your channel. If your key manages to get out, you can reset it from the YouTube dashboard.

Configure your broadcast information

Step 1: You need to configure your stream information separately for each live stream. YouTube works a little differently than Twitch when it comes to streaming. On Twitch, all you need to do is select the game you’re playing and specify a stream title. On YouTube, live streams are like videos and require thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and all the metadata that comes with a regular video. You also have the option to make the live stream public, unlisted, or private to test the stream settings before going live.

2nd step: Below “Feed options“, you can turn the DVR on or off, archive the stream when you’re done, and choose your latency settings. You can also add a delay here if you’re having trouble with stream sniping.

Step 3: Below “Advanced settings“, you can configure chat options, including enabling slow mode and preventing non-members from chatting (the form of YouTube’s Twitch subscriptions).

Step 4: From there you can press “Start streaming” in OBS, and you should see that you are live in the YouTube dashboard.

Last words

We hope you understand this article on how to stream games live on YouTube. YouTube has evolved from a pure entertainment platform to a money-making machine. For gamers, this has become particularly beneficial. Now you can play your favorite video games, gain lots of viewers and interact with other gamers. If your channel grows fast enough, you can potentially get paid as you play. The gaming community on YouTube is now so big.

Hope you understand this article, How to Stream Games Live on YouTube.


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