How to stream games live on Youtube using OBS software


Watching other people play games can be a great pastime if you love to gamble. At the same time, watching pro-gamers play some of your best games can also help you learn an interesting winning strategy, which you can implement the moment you play your favorite game. Well, you can also do the opposite. I mean, you can stream your favorite game as well, so other people can watch you too. When it comes to streaming games, you have a number of platforms to do this. Facebook, YouTube, and of course Twitch, are some popular platforms for gaming streaming, where you can get captivated viewers, at the same time.

So today I’m going to talk about how you can stream games to YouTube using both two and a computer. While there are a number of programs that you can use to stream games, one of the best among them is OBS, from Streamlabs, which can come in handy, both for a single PC and for streaming on two PCs. In the case of streaming to two PCs, one will be the gaming computer, where you can play the game, and the other will capture the display and audio output from the first or the gaming computer to stream it. live. The second computer can also be used to communicate with subscribers or viewers watching the live stream.

So, without further ado, let’s start by finding out how to stream games with two computers on YouTube.

Configuring YouTube for Live Game Streaming

I envisage, you have configured two streaming PCs, or have configured the source to broadcast your game live on OBS. To know, how to configure streaming on two PCs, you can follow the link to read my tutorial. Alternatively, if you want live stream on Facebook, you can follow the link.

Before you start making changes in OBS, open YouTube on your favorite web browser and click the “+‘then click’Go live‘.

Now click on the ‘Flux’ tab, choose a title, visibility, type of streaming, which will be ‘Game’ of course add description and other important information. You should also choose whether the video is inappropriate for children, apply age restrictions, if necessary. After that click on ‘Create a flow‘.

By the way, according to the latest YouTube guidelines, which will be implemented soon, if you are releasing an action game, where there is shooting, bleeding, and other violent activity, you must in some way another, mentioning that it is a game, not reality. Otherwise, you might face backlash from the community and even strikes, which can hamper your channel growth or end your channel.

Configuring YouTube for Live Game Streaming

Then you will be shown the streaming key and streaming URL. By default, the streaming key will be masked with the password characters. To toggle between hiding and showing the key, you can click the little eye-shaped button. Simply copy the release key to your clipboard and click ‘Do’.

Configuring OBS to create a live stream for YouTube

Now in the OBS window click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon, in the lower left corner of the OBS user interface.

From the OBS user interface access settings

In the ‘Settings’ window, click on the ‘Flux’ left panel, and click on the drop-down menu corresponding to ‘A service’, and replace it with ‘YouTube / YouTube Gaming‘.

Just paste the flow key you copied, into the text box, corresponding to ‘Flow key‘, and click ‘Do’.

Configuring OBS to create a live stream for YouTube

You can also change the audio and video quality, frame rate and all the rest to make streaming perfect. You should change these settings taking into account your network bandwidth, network latency, and other aspects.

Start of flow

Now you are ready to broadcast. Click on the ‘Go live‘on OBS.

Start of flow

Switch back to YouTube and a preview of your game desktop will appear. Click ‘Go live‘to start broadcasting your stream, live on your YouTube channel.

Live Streaming Games on YouTube 70

End of flow

So it was easy. To stop streaming, after you have finished streaming on YouTube, click the ‘End of flow‘OBS button.

End of flow

While gaming, you can switch between normal latency, low latency, and ultra-low latency to provide the best streaming experience for your viewers. Among the other options, you can even add a delay, closed captions to make the stream look exactly what you want.

normal latency, low latency and ultra-low latency

Streaming your favorite games on YouTube can be a great experience, and you may soon attract a large number of viewers, and if you have an existing channel with a good number of subscribers, you can see your channel growing steadily.

So it was all about how to stream games live on YouTube using OBS for streaming to one or two PCs. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment on the same below.


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