How to Stream Games on Twitch from PS4/Xbox One 2022 Tip


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Check How to Stream Games on Twitch from PS4/Xbox One

Twitch streaming has grown in popularity in recent years. Gamers don’t just want to play anymore. They want to turn their hobby into a job in front of an audience, and if all goes well, the crowd will give them money. But who said streaming was only for people with really powerful computers? Even if you have an older console (even a last-gen model), you can still stream on Twitch if you have the skills. This guide, which covers both PlayStation and Xbox, will provide you with that knowledge.

Twitch streaming on Xbox and PlayStation

Creating an account on Twitch is very simple and free. All you need to do is go to, enter the credentials you want, and you’re good to go. This is your first step.

Next, you will need to download and install the Twitch app on your console. For now, this only works for any modern PlayStation or Xbox console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S). We’ll start with how to set things up on your Xbox.

To get started on Xbox, you need to open the Twitch app on your console, then link your Xbox account to the streaming platform. All you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions until you can enter the six-digit code, which Twitch automatically sends to your registered email address. After entering the code, here’s how to set up the stream itself:

  • Select the “Broadcast” option to start broadcasting your game
  • Enter a title for the stream, then click the “Start Stream” button
  • (OPTIONAL) If you have a Kinect and want to use it, you must first activate the device for your video and headphones to work and allow your viewers to see and hear you.

And that’s it for Xbox! Simple, right? Now on to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Most of the things you need to do are the same, like linking your PlayStation account to Twitch.

  • Start the game you want to play
  • Press the “Share” button on your PS4 or PS5 controller
  • Choose the “Game Broadcast” option
  • Choose the “Twitch” option
  • Log in to your Twitch account if you haven’t already
  • Include a title for your feed and set other options
  • to transmit

Final Words: How to Stream Games on Twitch from PS4/Xbox One

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