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Track and field athletes prepare year-round to be ready for qualifying and ultimately the Summer Olympics. One of the big events in this year-round preparation is the World Championships in Athletics, taking place this year in Eugene, Oregon, as the 10-day event showcases the best men and women from the different track and field sports from today.

How to watch the World Athletics Championships today:

Date of the game: July 15, 2022

Game time: 8:00 p.m. ET

TV: American Network

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The first of 10 days in Oregon for the World Championships in Athletics brings the sport’s top athletes to the Pacific Northwest:

Some of the things to watch on day one of the World Championships in Athletics are multiple Olympic gold medalists and a 4x400m race final.

Today begins with the Men’s Hammer Throw – Qualifying Group A to kick off the 10 day event. From there, the men take to the court for the rest of the morning with the high jump (qualifying) and the hammer throw (group B qualifying).

Next, the 4×400 meter relay runs its heat with the men and women.

From there, the women take charge of most of the afternoon with their hammer throw (qualifying group A), 20 kilometer walk (final) and the second hammer throw (qualifying group B).

The men also have a 100 meter (preliminary round) and their 20 kilometer walk (final) mixed up in the afternoon.

In the late afternoon, the men have events of 3000 meters steeplechase (Heats), long jump (Qualification), 100 meters (Heats) and shot put (Qualification). The women compete in the shot put (Qualification), the long jump (Qualification) and the 1500 meters (Qualifying) with the 4×400 meters relay (Final) for both groups.

It is only the first day of 10 at the World Championships in Athletics with the best athletes in the various sports of athletics today.

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