IMDEX focus on drilling fluids, AMC BORE HOLE STABILIZER version to increase productivity


Posted by Daniel Gleeson on July 27, 2022

IMDEX talks about the use of drilling fluids as part of its overall goal of improving drilling performance in the field.

The company’s drilling optimization solutions combine the best technologies, sensors and motors to deliver enhanced performance, but for IMDEX Drilling Optimization Managing Director Charles Macfadyen, drilling fluids are at the beginning of the supply chain. value, maximizing the data provided by the company’s technology and tools.

“Costs are always rising, so the focus is on precision drilling: drilling smart meters and drilling efficiently,” Macfadyen said.

“It all depends on the fluids to be able to do that. Fluids are an essential part of the drilling process with the potential to unlock hidden productivity when used effectively.

He says that while the oil and gas industry has long understood the importance of fluids and the skills of mud engineers, the understanding within the mining exploration community is not as widespread.

“There is a big difference in the cost of exploration drilling between oil and gas and mining exploration, but science and logic will come to mining; the understanding that it is so much more than just a fluid, there is an understanding of what equates to improved precision and performance that makes it special.

Additional costs caused by higher operational standards, environmental restrictions and increased hole depths will continue – and could be the catalyst for a better understanding of the role fluids play, according to IMDEX.

IMDEX offers approximately 100 drilling fluids to meet specific regional and global requirements, the most recent being AMC BORE HOLE STABILIZER™ (BHS).

BHS is a multifunctional product formulated specifically for air drilling applications, especially drill and blast applications.

According to the company, it helps prevent a wide range of downhole problems, including a bad collar, hole degradation, or sidewall instability, provides some degree of lubrication to the hole, and improves lifting capability. air flow for transporting cuttings.

Using BHS in an underground mine in Western Australia has resulted in up to 40% increase in additional meters drilled per day, reduction in drilling consumables by up to 50%, improved loading times and the use of explosives for explosives teams; and a reduction in HSE risks through less manual handling to mobilize and install the casing, indicates IMDEX.

“For drilling and blasting, the sidewall imperative is both for function and efficiency,” Macfadyen said. “BHS offers improved productivity while using less explosives and less re-drilling.

“IMDEX drilling fluids are much more than a fluid – you actually get the knowledge that comes not only from manufacturing top quality fluids and understanding them for over 30 years, but also from the knowledge that comes from our understanding of the drilling market and rock knowledge.

“Others don’t have that knowledge of rock. It’s the tangible knowledge that at all times you know what you’re drilling, the geological understanding, the resource definition, the granular knowledge behind how to optimize your fluids program to meet that.

“Whether it’s orientation, mineralogy or any geological understanding, this is the essential knowledge you need to develop a fluid or optimize a drilling program.

“It puts us in a leading position. Unlike others, IMDEX is able to leverage intimate rock knowledge, laboratory capabilities and global mud engineers to unlock the potential of any drilling program.

IMDEX’s presence in 70% of the world’s major mining operations has allowed the company to develop this knowledge, according to Macfayden.


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