Introducing the Elgato Stream Deck Pedal with Three Customizable Footswitches


Elgato launched the Stream Deck pedal. This new tactile pedal, with three strike zones, expands the Stream Deck range in an unexpected but welcome direction. Elgato demonstrates the Stream Deck pedal in gaming, streaming, productivity and entertainment. As you can imagine, there are plenty of possibilities for foot control, and the software makes it easy to use a wide range of familiar Stream Deck functions, as well as Multi Actions and Smart Profiles.

(Image credit: Elgato)

Sometimes a touch or button interface at hand level isn’t the fastest and most intuitive thing for computer users. This is especially the case for those whose hands may already be very busy with a mouse, keyboard, etc., which makes using a foot pedal very appealing.

Elgato’s Stream Deck pedal is pretty unadventurous, hardware-wise. The product maker says all the right things about the controller’s sturdy construction, non-slip feet, interchangeable pedal pressure springs, and grippy top surface, but in summary, it’s just a trio of pedals in-line. The pedals aren’t even analog (like a wah or volume pedal); they are simple switches.

However, simplicity isn’t a bad quality for something you could use with a big boot while out of sight. Additionally, Elgato’s experience and foundational work on button interfaces means it has many clever features that make the Stream Deck pedal useful in a wide range of situations.

(Image credit: Elgato)

Elgato highlights the usefulness of its new pedal for creating streaming content, in-game actions/hotkeys, creating presentations, video editing, and working with the new Stream Deck Discord plugin for mute/talk/mute and more Again. Additionally, there are over 100 Stream Deck plugins available online to make your new foot controller very flexible.

Multi-actions can be used to chain button press actions together and assign them to a single pedal. You can stomp to take a screenshot, open a destination folder, and share it on Twitter, for example. Other tasks can be to streamline your audio or video production workflow.

Smart profiles help mitigate the three-button limit here. Using the configuration software, you can easily create, save and recall pedal layouts mixing single and multiple actions. You can create smart profiles and multi-action sets for different tasks you perform on your computer – one for live streaming and another for video conferencing, for example.

It is recommended to watch the introduction and overview video of the new Elgato Stream Deck pedal above to get a good idea of ​​its capabilities.

The device measures 244 x 175 x 49 mm / 9.6 x 6.9 x 1.9 inches, weighs 930 g / 2.1 lbs, comes with four sets of pedal spring tensioners and connects to your computer via a USB Type-C port (with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A connector cable in the box).

Elgato is selling the Steam Deck pedal today through the official product page linked in the intro for $89.99.


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