Is The Bachelorette dating series streaming live on Hulu?


The highly anticipated nineteenth season of the bachelorette premiered last night, and it was worth the wait! This season, we’re having double the fun, and more than likely the drama, as two bachelors co-lead the season.

The first episode introduced us to Rachel Recchia, 26, who is a flight instructor from Florida, and Gabby Windey, 31, who is a critical care nurse from Illinois. The duo are spearheading this next journey in Bachelor Nation history. The two leading ladies were in Clayton’s season of The single person season 26, eliminated in the final three. It’s obvious they’re the same type, so will that cause any problems? We will have to wait and see.

In the first episode, the two met 32 ​​eligible men who worked hard to charm the ladies and make a great first impression. By the end of the night, Rachel’s first impression has gone to Tino and Gabby hands hers to Mario. Twins Justin and Joey and Roby are the first three to be sent home.

You can watch the dating reality series live on ABC on Monday nights. But if you don’t have a cable, is there another way to connect?

Is The Bachelorette streaming live on Hulu?

Unfortunately, the bachelorette does not stream live on Hulu. But if you miss it on TV, episodes will be available on the streaming service. Although they are not released until the following day Tuesday.

One option is to go with a Hulu Subscription + Live TV. This includes access to everything in the Hulu streaming library, plus over 75 live TV channels you can watch at home or on the go. The plan is $69.99/month with Disney+ and ESPN+, or the same plan but without the Hulu add-on would cost $75.99/month.

the bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Episodes are available to stream the next day on Hulu.


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