Is there something similar to the Stream Deck but cheaper? Check it out here


Loupedeck live

Its design is quite similar to modern DJ tables, being the first aspect that catches the eye. The Finnish company Loupedeck offers various management consoles for professionals. Above all, we will find in its catalog management consoles that seem designed for DJs or for those who are dedicated to professional video editing.

It performs the same functions as the elgato solution, being a great alternative for those doing live content. It is compatible with streaming software OBS-Studio and flow labs. It is also compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects tools, among others.

This management console offers us the possibility of automating sequences using macros or actions. Something that offers us a high degree of customization for any streamer.

This also has rotating dials, something the Stream Deck does not offer. This can be interesting for certain actions, in particular for video or audio editing. Something that makes this device more versatile.

The only negative point of this device is the price, which is quite high.

AverMedia AX310 Live Streamer

We could say that it is the perfect management console for those dedicated to music streaming or talk shows. AverMedia’s solution differs a bit from elgato’s solution. Here we have a more thoughtful device to manage audio channels and interactions through OBS Studio.

The AX310 Live Streaming Console you could say it’s a reduced audio table designed for streaming. It has four full-size buttons that can be customized to your liking. It has six potentiometers that allow you to adjust the sound level for Chat, Music, Game, Microphone, Broadcast, and Console.

Integrate a IPS touch screen which is highly configurable. We can add the chay and customize different actions in this screen. It offers us many more options than the Stream Deck.

There are two issues with this AverMedia device. First of all, many users indicate that the software is not easy to use and fast. Also, this device is not exactly cheap, it is more expensive than any Stream Deck.

Expert Keys EK-24

We are now moving towards a solution that seems more geared towards video editing or office automation professionals. This keyboard is very different from the Stream Deck and other management consoles. Use this device mechanical switches conventional, like those of any keyboard.

The peculiarity is that the keycaps have a clear plastic cover which allows you to add customization. We can print the icons and put them below. It’s not the most easily customizable solution, but it’s a pretty neat option.

All the configuration is stored in an integrated flash memory, so we can use it on other computers without problems. It has a fairly long USB cable, so we won’t have any problems. A cool feature is that it includes a key extractor and a DVD with design templates and a tutorial.

Perhaps the biggest downside to this device is that it’s not much cheaper than a Stream Deck and customization is a bit more tedious.

Ecarke OSU

If you’re looking for something super cheap to start streaming, this is a good option. This Ecarke keyboard is based on Outemu Blue Mechanical Switches, like those found in inexpensive gaming keyboards. Some switches, by the way, have lighting, a very interesting detail.

It is quite similar to Expertkeys, but in this case the keycaps are completely black and smooth. It is therefore necessary to remember what is the function of each key or to put stickers.

The base is made using a 3D printer, so it might crack and warp over time. It uses a USB-C port, so we can use any cable. In addition, it is quite easy to clean because the keys are installed in a shallow way.

This is perhaps the cheapest alternative device to the elgato Stream Deck that can be found on the market.

Control your live via smartphone

If you don’t want to spend money, there are apps that can do the job for us. These apps are based on desktop software with a smartphone version. They allow more or less the same functions as the previous devices, but without paying anything (except in one case). These are:

  • Macro platform: Free application for Android only available on the Play Store. It has shortcuts to switch scenes, control volume and playback, and other options. The configuration is done in the desktop version, by exporting the configuration to a file.
  • Deck board: This is another free android only app available on the play stator. This application has a PRO version which is priced around 3 euros. It offers compatibility with OBS Studio and Streamlabs.
  • Mobile Stream Deck: Official elgato app available for Android and iOS. The disadvantage of this application is that it is paid, with a monthly cost of €2.99 or a one-time annual payment of €26.99. On the plus side, it has a 30-day free trial to see if we like it or not.

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