Ivy Lab explores new avenues on Infinite Falling Ground


Explore more vulnerable and darker soundscapes with Ivy Lab as they touch on less adventurous areas Infinite falling ground.

The two brilliant minds behind ivy lab are simply unique. No matter what kind of music they create, it’s always a jaw-dropping collection of sounds. The duo are cherished by their loving fanbase for the fusion of left bass and hip-hop, and now they’re adding new experiences to the mix for fans to digest. Last month they announced their album Infinite falling ground would explore the darker side of the musical spectrum with an AV winter tour slated to kick off soon.

Infinite falling ground is here to shed light on the unique talents of Ivy Lab once again. They painted a picture for their fans with “Hood” and “Dogmahelping them to see what was to come. It was easy to tell that it wasn’t about to be a completely lighthearted album from the emotions expressed by the first two singles.

We’re not known for wearing our hearts on our sleeve, certainly not in our online footprint, and not often through our music. Much of our previous work was born out of a whimsical combination of abstract chance in the studio and fixation on a DJ booth. And while most, if not all, of these tracks started life in this same “vibe-caught” form of design, they were completed with much heavier expectations. This could be our first body of work that escapes the gravity of our own impostor syndromes.

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Now the full album has arrived, so set aside some time to fully immerse yourself in the emotions that come with this new era of Ivy Lab art. Allow yourself to lose yourself in the familiarity as well as the novelty that accompanies each track. When you press play and enjoy the experience, it won’t take long to realize that Ivy Lab is truly in its own way when it comes to emulating life’s trials and tribulations through soundscapes.

To listen Infinite falling ground now on Spotify or your favorite streaming service, and keep reading for a deeper look at some of the tracks!

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Let Ivy Lab guide you through the whirlwind of emotions described in Infinite falling ground at the beginning of the first track.

Listeners are greeted with a majestic sound of whimsical chimes like “Celestialenters the room and makes you feel like you’re floating among butterflies. So, “Dogmacontinues with the lyrics to the title track, “Infinite Falling Ground,” ringing in your ears, making you feel unsure if you’ve been floating or falling all this time.

Stepping into a more unsettling frequency, “Low risk offermakes your mind wander in a state of uncertainty. It is as if you were looking in the mirror, questioning the very being that you are. “touch and go“continues the dark feel as the music hits you with a sound that resembles soft pastel purples all around. Representing temptation,”Hoodexpresses a moody ebb and flow throughout his run.

Bringing darkness to light »Q Nix” makes you feel like you’re going through your worst nightmares. Your instincts will kick in as you are forced to recall the memories intentionally less visited in your mind. The mental tests continue as “NOVV» invites you to reflect on yourself and reflect introspectively on your choices throughout your life.

You can breathe again as the album’s final songs take a lighter turn.

With evil always comes good; it is the balance of life. “Cognacis here to relieve you for a moment of your heartache with its lighter approach. Bring out your sassy side as you play”Late night cut.” You won’t be able to resist the temptation to move your body as the lyrics pass through one ear and out the other. Finish the album strong, “boyfriend jeansis here to bring you comfort like your favorite jeans in the fall. The energy felt during this song makes you feel like all your wounds exposed throughout the album are being healed by the melody.

Infinite falling ground is a therapy session you didn’t know you needed.

It is a good resource for reflection, inner work, or to release the tensions of the day. This album is deeper than the surface and a masterpiece from start to finish. Catch Ivy Lab at one of the screenings or save the date for one of their stops during the winter Infinite falling ground turn to get the full effect of this work of art.

ivy labInfinite falling ground – List of tracks:

  1. Celestial
  2. Dogma (Infinite Falling Ground)
  3. Low risk offer
  4. Everything must change
  5. touch and go
  6. Hood
  7. Q Nix
  8. candle song
  9. NOVV
  10. Cognac
  11. Our time
  12. Merlot
  13. Late night cut
  14. boyfriend jeans

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