Jaehyun Is First NCT Star To Mark Spotify Milestone With Try Again


NCT Jaehyun made new Spotify history with his song “Try Again” ft D.ear and fans couldn’t be more proud. Jaehyun has become the first NCT member to achieve this incredible Spotify milestone.

The song “Try Again” was released on November 24, 2017 from SM Entertainment’s digital project dubbed “SM Station.”

Later, the ballad with the NCT and d.ear star’s enchanting voice also made a short appearance in the international Emmy-nominated K-drama series “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – JANUARY 27: Jaehyun of boy group NCT 127 attends the 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on January 27, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

Jaehyun Becomes First NCT Member To Make Spotify History With Song “Try Again”

Jeong Yun-o aka Jaehyun has become the first NCT member to achieve 40 million individual Spotify streams with the song “Try Again” ft D.ear.

According to data from NCT charts, the song is gaining more than 100,000 daily streams while NCT Jaehyun’s Spotify profile has crossed 910,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with a single song.

Fans Can’t Wait To Find Out If Jaehyun Is Attending ‘NCT Lab’

As Jaehyun’s “Try Again” has reached a new milestone, fans are eager to find out if he will participate in SM Entertainment’s “NCT Lab” project in 2022, where NCT members can showcase their individual songwriting and talent to through various versions.

During a recent virtual fan meet, a fan asked the NCT 127 star about his plans for the NCT Lab, and here’s what the 24-year-old K-pop star responded.

the fan Noted,”OP asked Jaehyun about the NCT lab station if he has any plans. Jaehyun said he wants to do it and when he is ready he will think about it. He also said to wait. WE WAITING FOR YOU JAEHYUN!

A second fan gushed“I need Jaehyun solo and I pray that NCT lab is the reason I get it. Try again what came out AGES ago is good enough for Jaehyun like he please, he would be unstoppable with more solo song!

A third fan famous the remarkable achievement of the NCT member saying, “Imagine world domination when Jaehyun finally officially releases his solo cause, imagine the impact of lost and trying again on the charts and it’s not even his official solo release!”

Listen to “Try Again” on Spotify here and stream the music video below. Let us know your thoughts on Jaehyun’s new Spotify record @HITCculture.

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