Jonas virus is affected by anger and emotions apart from fear


The premise of Netflix we are all dead The Korean drama features teenagers trying to survive a zombie outbreak while trapped at school. The outbreak is linked to a dangerous virus from science teacher Lee Byeong-chan. In we are all dead K-drama, Byeong-chan tells how the Jonas virus works. As the virus infects students, it reveals a theory of how it mutates and renders certain characters immune.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.]

Nam-ra and zombies with the Jonas virus in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ | through Netflix

Why Did Byeong-chan Create the Jonas Virus in “All of Us Are Dead?”

As soon as the K-drama begins, the audience learns that the events are all due to Byeong-chan. When her son is bullied on a rooftop, he shows signs of transforming into a monster form and survives by falling off the ledge. Later, when Byeong-chan sneaks into the hospital to see his son. But her son convulses and turns into a voracious monster.

The outbreak occurs when a female student is bitten by a lab mouse hidden in Byeong-chan’s classroom. The public quickly learns why and how he developed the virus. After his son’s bullies got away hurting his son and tormenting other students, Byeong-chan wanted to make him stronger.

By taking a mutated hormone in mice, he developed the virus. The Jonas virus turns fear into strength and turns the infected into uninhibited zombies. Video log entries also explain that the virus mutates itself to survive and attacks healthy cells.

As the main characters battle their classmates, some become infected but don’t turn into hungry, oblivious zombies. There is a possible theory of how the virus mutates based on the emotions of the infected person.

Nam-ra, Gwi-nam, and Byeong-chan had a mutated version of the virus in “All of Us Are Dead”

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Could it be that the Jonas virus mutates based on emotions other than fear? Byeong-chan explained that he created the virus to turn his son’s fear into anger and strength. In we are all dead episode 5, Cheong-san and Gwi-nam fight while trying to avoid the zombies. When Cheong-sang uses a phone to gouge out Gwi-nam’s eye, he falls and is attacked by a group of zombies.

Cheong-sang refuses to help her, despite her pleas. Gwi-nam is overcome with rage and swears to kill Cheong-sam no matter what. While the audience thinks Gwi-nam is dead and about to transform, he comes back to life as a virus mutagen. He has all the abilities of a zombie but remains aware of who he is.

When Nam-ra is bitten by a mutated Gwi-nam while trying to save Su-hyeok, she does not immediately turn around. Knowing what could happen, she stays strong and is ready to go. But Su-hyeok stands by her side and protects her, just like On-ja. All along we are all dead, she keeps herself from turning away with Su-hyeok’s help and love and her own resilience. The virus theory suggests that a person’s emotions before and after being bitten affect the mutagen.

The audience also saw this before Byeong-chan disappeared in episode 4. He voluntarily sacrifices himself to save the detective and isn’t afraid of the monsters he created. Later, he is alive and conscious with a mutated version of the virus. In the finale, Nam-ja explains that there are others like her.

Audiences Never See Cheong-san Turn Into A Zombie In “All Of Us Are Dead”

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One of the best examples of the mutated virus theory is Cheong-san and Gyeong-su. When Na-yeon deliberately infects Gyeong-su, the audience sees what they see as they turn around. He begins to panic in fear as the virus creates a hallucination. This proves Byeong-chan’s explanation that fear leads to becoming a zombie.

the we are all dead the virus theory also applies to Cheong-san. When Gwi-nam bites him in episode 11, he doesn’t turn around right away. He gives On-ja his badge and confesses his feelings for her. They also have their first kiss. To save his friends, he enters the construction site to end Gwi-nam once and for all. It also attracts zombies with sound to make a path for the characters to escape.

During the entire scene, the audience never sees an indicator of Cheong-san’s turn. He even shouts that it’s the best day of his life. The theory suggests that Cheong-san’s loving emotions towards On-ja, her friends, and her bravery resulted in a mutated virus.

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