Jr. Deputy Becomes First Little League in Arkansas to Broadcast Games | KLRT


Streaming games are a home run

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The future is now! Jr. Deputy Little League became the first Little League in Arkansas to live stream its baseball games.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many parents and grandparents cautious about allowing children to play sports and go to sporting events themselves with other people.

The league therefore wanted to make sure that people could still watch games and support children without having to worry about being exposed to the virus. Thanks to sponsors, the Tommy Best and Ken Best families and an anonymous donor, JDLL was able to install six “Your Game Cam Video Systems” in its fields.

With the video system, parents, grandparents or anyone authorized to watch can log on and watch the games live, in replay or just the highlights.

There is also the Game Changer app which can be downloaded by smart phone which will give you up to date lineups and stats while the game is being played. A robotic voice will say who is standing, what the count is, when an out occurs, and much more.

Thanks to technology, people have been able to watch JDLL games from anywhere. Fox 16’s Troy Lynch tells us how this new system of videos and apps has changed the baseball experience for little league fans.


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