K-Drama Changed Virus Backstory From Original Webtoon


by Netflix we are all dead joins other popular korean dramas like Sweet home, hell, and others by Netflix based on a webtoon. Published between 2009 and 2011, Now at our school is by Joo Dong-geun. K-drama based on written sources does not guarantee an exact small-screen adaptation. just like Hellthe details of we are all dead the storyline, like the virus, has been altered from the original webtoon version.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.]

Infected zombie students in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ | through Netflix

A science teacher and dad is the source of a viral outbreak at school in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

The coming-of-age zombie K-drama starts off in an interesting way. Byeong-chan’s son is bullied on a rooftop. He is seized with rage and manifests unforeseen tendencies. He survives by falling from the roof which would have killed anyone. Byeong-chan secretly visits his son in the hospital and tries to kill him using a bible when he turns into a monster.

we are all dead continues without everyone knowing what the teacher has done. The main characters start another day at school as usual. The K-drama focuses on the main characters’ battle for survival as their closest friends become zombies. The Jonas virus created by Byeong-chan infects the whole school and town. He developed the virus to help his son against bullies.

Like we are all dead was originally a webtoon, a Reddit fan explains that the director changed the backstory behind the virus for Netflix’s K-drama.

The virus was an accident in the webtoon “All of Us Are Dead”

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The domino effect involving the virus, Byeong-chan and his son plays out differently in the webtoon. In the K-drama, Byeong-chan created the virus using a mutated hormone from a mouse that became a predator. According to a webtoon fan, that’s not what happened originally.

“His son was infected by accident while he was fishing at sea. The original virus came from a meteor under the sea. The teacher thought his son had a cold so he went out to buy medicine. When he is came back, he saw his son eat his wife,” the fan said. we are all dead saved the small webtoon detail of Byeong-chan reporting his son’s disappearance to avoid suspicion about his absence.

The fan explains that Byeong-chan was using the mouse to cure the virus. This happens a bit in K-drama until Byeong-chan gives up, realizing the mutated virus to survive.

In we are all dead, Hyeon-ju is infected by a lab mouse that Byeong-cha experimented on. The fan on Reddit clarifies: “But in fact, the girl was never infected (so the hamster bite is just a scare, not enough for the transformation). In desperation, the professor injects the blood of her son into the daughter to try and get a better result. That was the real reason she turned. The whole bullying arc never happens in the comics.

Netflix and the director tweaked the backstory of the virus to make the K-drama’s premise and how the infection works more dramatic.

Webtoons finale is different from K-drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’

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The opening scene and story arc between Byeong-chan’s son and his bullies never occur in the webtoon. KPopMag also confirms this. They explain that the opening scene is more mundane and calm. On-ja, played by Park Ji-hu in the K-drama, complains about climbing stairs to get to school.

The way Hyeon-ju was infected was changed from the K-drama webtoon. Instead of a mouse, Hyeon-ju was bitten by three. She also developed symptoms much more slowly than in the K-drama. In the we are all dead webtoon, she tells a full story of what happened to her.

According to the webtoon, we are all dead has a possible sequel. In the K-drama, Nam-ra’s closing remarks lead the audience to believe in more mutated versions of the infected. The finale happens differently in the webtoon. According to Bustle, Nam-ra becomes immune, but the virus has made its way into the stream heading towards Japan.


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