KC Royals fans will have the option to stream games on the Bally app



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There is good news and bad news for Royals and Sporting Kansas City fans who have cut the cord.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of Fox Sports Kansas City, plans a new streaming app who will be ready by the time the Major League Baseball season begins on April 1, Sport Business reported.

The new app will replace the Fox Sports Go app, as part of the rebranding agreement between Bally’s Corporation and Sinclair Broadcast Group. The app will be named Bally.

Bally Sports Kansas City will be the name of the cable channel that will soon replace Fox Sports Kansas City. Bally Sports Kansas City will be available from all cable companies currently broadcasting FSKC. Cable subscribers will also be able to stream games on the new Bally app.

The Bally app will be a second option to stream Royals and Sporting Kansas City games, joining the AT&T TV streaming service.

Royals and Sporting KC games are still not being broadcast on YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu, Fubo or Dish Network because these services do not carry FSKC. Royals and Sporting KC fans who don’t have cable or use these services will have to wait at least a year to stream using the Bally app.

In a earnings call last week, Sinclair President / CEO Christopher Ripley shared a proposed schedule that would allow rope-cutter fans to watch the games.

“We are working on a direct-to-consumer product that is expected to launch in 2022 and will allow unauthenticated users to access and even subscribe to some content from our RSNs as well as other unique content,” said Ripley.

Sinclair and Bally’s plan to play sports more than the game itself. Their idea is to allow viewers to place bets and more.

“We are in the process of developing a new app that will encourage viewers to actively participate in the sports watching experience by offering interactive elements such as free contests, rewards and the ability to engage and interact with other fans, ”Ripley said in the call. “The idea is to make watching sports look like playing a video game.”

This may put off some traditional sports fans, but the new app will offer some new options that should be appealing.

Ripley said the first phase of the app will allow viewers to go back, watch a replay, and research stats.

“Our goal is to reach and engage as many consumers as possible through gamification across our business assets by implementing an array of gamification elements, each aligned with authentic, content and the activity in which they are offered. We will engage users while personalizing and personalizing their experience based on their preferences and habits, ”said Ripley.

“We plan to roll out various elements of gamification throughout 2021, starting with our sports assets. You can expect game elements to be integrated into our sports network and digital programming starting in the third quarter of this year. “

This story was originally published 4 March 2021 10:52 a.m.

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