Kyrie Irving reveals shocking goal for next NBA season



Kyrie Irving #11 of the Brooklyn Nets celebrates a 125-115 win over the Detroit Pistons

Kyrie Irving recently made waves with comments he made on a Twitch live stream. The All-Star point guard was surprisingly candid on the stream about the Brooklyn Nets and their recent playoff elimination at the hands of the Boston Celtics. Irving commented on how the playoff sweep was “humiliating” for the Nets and also how they will approach it next season.

“We had 4-0’d my G. We had 4-0’d. It was supposed to be like this. Motivation brother. We needed that humbling experience, especially against the Celtics. It was already built to be that game. We will see them again, we will have to. They will be where they are. But them kids out there in Boston, brother, I got to watch them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year on the Finals stage, get this far, I’m glad they had to come through us. said Irving.

Kyrie Irving on goal for next season

Irving went beyond how last season’s elimination affected the team, but also a goal he has set for next season. Among those goals is to be a “complete player” and to be successful at both ends of the court. Irving shared the goals after being asked about the plan for next season.

“Raise them. Raise them. I have to mount it at both ends of the floor, bro. Gotta be a complete gamer,” Irving said on the Twitch stream. “I’m coming for different gear this season, mate. I’ve been to the lab.

After a summer of messy contract negotiations, Irving is in a contract year. The All-Star point guard and the Nets couldn’t agree on a long-term contract extension, and they were also unable to find a business partner for Irving. They had a lot of talks with the Los Angeles Lakers to help Irving and LeBron James reunite in Hollywood, but the Laker never offered a package the Nets wanted for Irving.

Because Kyrie is in a contract year, some have already shared their MVP-caliber expectations they have for the controversial point guard. Irving has a lot to prove and needs to play at a high level to land the contract he wants this upcoming offseason. This year the only team chasing Irving in the open market was the Lakers, can a strong season change that in the coming year?

However, according to Irving in this recent quote, the MVP trophy isn’t the only award the superstar is aiming for. He noted a desire to up his game at both ends of the pitch and bring in an extra defensive presence. “I’m coming for different material this season.” Whether it’s the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award or a nod to the NBA’s First Defensive Team, Irving notes he has something to prove next season.

Irving could be dealt at trade deadline: sources

The Nets’ growth from that experience of their elimination and the offseason is crucial to their future with the franchise. While some analysts predict the star will have an MVP-caliber season, an NBA general manager told that Irving and his expiring contract could be traded at this year’s trade deadline if the Nets don’t. don’t win. Asked about reports that Durant could be traded at the trading deadline the executive noted that he won’t be traded KD in February, but could be Irving.

“Not on the deadline, no,” the Eastern Conference exec told Heavy’s Sean Deveney of Kevin Durant. “Maybe Kyrie, because of his contract, will become a free agent. So if the year is a disappointment at the beginning, then yes, you should at least explore the commercial market on Kyrie. You will not get a good value because of all Kyrie’s baggage and because it would probably be a short term rental We’ll see how it goes with the Lakers but if they have a good year and that “They feel like they’re just one Kyrie away from fighting next year, they’ll be able to get him next summer. So that drives his trade value down.”


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