Lab on site: girls do not synchronize – the lab


The laboratory is Mixmag and the Coors weekly live event, powered by Void Acoustics, where we present top DJs straight from our world-famous office party and other intimate venues across the country showcasing the most popular culture and music scenes. UK’s most exciting. This time, Mixmag takes the lab to Liverpool.

On Friday December 3rd, we are excited to present Girls Don’t Sync, supported by Lucid and Beccs Vernon live from Liverpool’s new venue, STN LVP. Sign up for the guest list here.

Liverpool’s new christening site STN LVP, community and residents’ collective, Girls Don’t Sync, will be leading a niche as they take over Lab On Location. Bringing a daring 130 BPM ensemble to downtown, the band of four is set to add “translatlantic basslines and rattling percussion” to Friday’s showcase mix. The collective, made up of Matty Chiabi, G33, Sophia Violet and Hannah Lynch, will also be joined by Lucid and Beccas Vernon in the brand new Liverpool venue, to give a boost to an energetic set in true GDS style.

Parked just above Liverpool’s Lost Lounge, STN LVP opens for the first time just hours before Girls Don’t Sync takes over. The new space will feature weekly live broadcasts of internal events and a more intimate dance floor, while showcasing some of the best local artists and upcoming talent from Liverpool’s ever-expanding pool of DJs, selectors and musicians.

Don’t miss this one – head to the new room on December 3 to see Girls Don’t Sync. Sign up for the guest list here.

Watch the stream from 22:00 GMT on Friday, December 3. Connect to our Facebook page and to MixmagTV.


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