LG TVs can now stream games through the Nvidia GeForce Now app


In another exciting move to support cloud gaming, LG and Nvidia are offering the Nvidia GeForce NOW service to a range of LG smart TVs. The full list has yet to be announced, but should it include some 2021 LG models running webOS? So if you’ve got your hands on an LG TV this year, maybe give yourself permission to get your hands on a bit.

The Nvidia GeForce Now app was supposed to be available this week. We can confirm after checking on an LG C1 2021 TV that it is there for us and ready to download. This is going to be interesting for PC gamers who want to be able to easily stream their games to the sofa as well. This way only a TV is required instead of an additional PC, streambox or other console to achieve it, so it’s a pretty handy app to have.

LG TVs are at the top of our list of the best 4K TVs for gaming this year, and having the GeForce Now app downloadable directly from the in-app store certainly helps solidify that position.

For some gamers, this may be what they need to avoid trying to buy a new PC. While there are loads of Black Friday deals out there, shortages make it difficult and opting for a streaming service in the meantime could be a great option. Nvidia has access to RTX 3080 cards, which is more than what retailers can really offer right now.

Once your account is signed in, this gives you access to the streaming supported games you currently own on your TV, without the need for a PC. Of course, success will depend on your internet connection and the infrastructure of Nvidia, which has experienced some weird frame rate freezes.

The good news is that there is a free membership tier at Nvidia Geforce Now. While having limits like taking longer to find eligible servers and hourly game limits, this should give you a good indication if the service will work for you. Paid members will enjoy priority service, better graphics, and instantly reactivable six-hour game limits.

So if you have a relatively new LG TV, it is definitely worth starting it up and searching for the app.


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