LSO to Air ‘Deck the Halls’ Holiday Concert | Extra Quarter


LSO is optimistic about the prospects of hosting a live audience at the Lied Center for the remainder of the concert season, starting in February. The season will feature five classical concerts, one pop concert, and two family concerts, one of which will be shown to schools across Nebraska as part of LSO’s annual Young People’s Concert program.

Music Director Edward Polochick is eager to return to Nebraska to lead the remainder of the season.

“I can’t wait to reunite with my Lincoln family! Even though we will be a little further away physically, we will reduce this distance with music, ”he said.

Maestro Polochick believes that the community aspect of sharing the transformative experience of live symphonic music is essential.

“Connecting with our fellow human beings has never been more critical, and there really is no substitute for the way music speaks from heart to heart,” he shared. “As difficult as it can be to overcome the challenges of playing with masks while being physically far from each other, the payoff is that we will be sharing some of the most meaningful musical creations of our lives.”

Polochick also expressed his gratitude to the Lincoln community, whose support allowed the LSO to continue paying all musicians 100% of their salary during the pandemic. “Even though I can’t kiss you all in person, you better believe I’ll give you the biggest virtual hug on the stage!” “


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