Magpies could stream games live so fans can watch their squad in action

Chorley FC’s Victory Park Stadium

The Magpies are set to kick off their 2020-21 campaign this weekend when they host Gateshead at Victory Park in the FA Cup second qualifying round.

The first league game will follow on Tuesday when Jamie Vermiglio’s men travel to York.

As it stands, both games are expected to be played behind closed doors and it is likely that not all of Chorley’s games will be played in front of a crowd in the next six months.

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The National League is negotiating with the government over a financial plan to help its clubs survive without much needed gate receipts.

It is possible that without financial assistance, National League clubs will not start the season because they will not fulfill their players’ contracts.

Chorley chairman Ken Wright said the club would close by the end of the year if fans were not allowed to return inside Victory Park or if there was no no proposed financial rescue plan.

They are looking for ways to fill the financial hole and the live streaming of the games could be a source of income.

They are also considering other fundraising initiatives in these difficult times.

Club general manager Terry Robinson said: “Our income is mainly made up of gate income coupled with match day sponsorship and various other side expenses.

“League funds came in early to make up for the untimely end of last season. Income was drastically reduced and at one point the Black and White draw was our only income.

“The social club has been closed since March, so once again another source of income has become non-existent.

“On Wednesday, the North National League had a video meeting with almost all of the clubs in attendance. The clubs are a mix of perspectives, financial levels and different goals and objectives.

“So it was interesting that 80% agreed that we as a league couldn’t start unless our loss of income, due to Covid, was somehow subsidized to allow all clubs to pay salaries.

“The major problem is that when a ball is kicked the player contracts start.

“In our opinion, it is irresponsible and a dereliction of the duties of administrators and managers to start the season without supporters and without agreed compensation.

“It is believed that the National League and the government are in talks and I hope that before next Friday we will have positive news

“If it is possible to start the season, then we will have other problems. How can we bring football to our subscribers and supporters?

“We are discussing the live broadcast of games where there will be a fixed price per game or for the full season.

“Season pass holders will benefit from the service free of charge. We are also planning to sell seats in the sports club where the games will be shown on the big screen both in the main hall and if enough interest with a meal in the 1883 lounge.

“This is a real possibility and we would like to assess whether our supporters will be interested. Please send us your thoughts at [email protected] or call 01257-230007. “


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